Time flies when you’re having fun! I arrived in Manuel Antonio 2 weeks ago to begin the Epic Living Fellowship. Upon arrival I felt nervous, anxious, but overall excited. I had never participated in a program like this and was looking forward to personal and professional development.

In the weeks leading up to my arrival I prepared myself as best I could: mentally, physically, and spiritually. I read books, read past fellows blog posts, and mapped out ideas for my conscious wellness business. It was an earnest effort but nothing can truly prepare you to leap out of your comfort zone.

In these two weeks I’ve seen major positive shifts within myself!

Mind – I’d like to consider myself mentally tough but this fellowship has shown me new parts of myself. There was a lot of fear and self-doubt I didn’t know I had that came up during my first week here. What if I can’t do it? What if I’m not good enough to start this type of business? etc.  This Fellowship has forced me to face these fears and become the person I want to be. Daniel and Amber are amazing at holding you accountable to your dreams. After the first weekend I decided to scale my ideas back which is my personal favorite way of giving into fear. Daniel called bullshit and helped me see what limiting beliefs were holding me back while Amber’s experience and expertise helped me more clearly define my goals. In one day I went from giving in to fear to looking it in the eye and deciding to work through it.

Body – At week two I don’t think I look much different but I definitely feel different. The raw vegan diet has changed my digestion and energy levels. I suffer from chronic IBS and have noticed a considerable reduction in my symptoms. I’m more sensitive and able to pinpoint foods that give me trouble and modify my diet as needed. I find myself with more energy in the morning and not needing caffeine to get myself going. It has been fun to use the food dehydrator and prepare more complex raw meals. I typically make boring salads at home and order delivery most nights so actually being in the kitchen has been an adjustment. I’m learning so much about nutrition and how to use food fuel your body.

Additionally, my body awareness has increased 100 fold. Amber’s yoga/pilates classes are challenging and rewarding. I can see my strength increasing each day. Today I saw a new outline of a muscle I’ve never seen in my leg! I’m starting to see the changes I feel inside be reflected outside. By the time I leave here I will be much more lean and tone. It feels good to shed what is no longer serving me both inside and outside.

Spirit – This is the category of growth I find most challenging to articulate but I will say I’m learning amazing lessons. My meditation practice has helped me feel more centered. Since coming to the EpicLife Fellowship I’ve committed to a daily 10-15 min morning meditation period. I’m able to see a huge difference when I miss my morning meditations. I’ve been working on this practice for a while and being here at EpicSelf HQ helps to motivate me to be my best self and ensure I get in my daily practice periods. I haven’t been as consistent as I want to be so I’m recommitting these last two weeks to my morning meditation/journaling routine. These mediation periods allow me to feel connected with my Spirit and from that place I treat myself so much better. I’m kinder to my body and I give myself space to rest and just be. When I’m out of balance I disconnect from my body and start to be critical and harsh. Here at the Epic Living Academy I feel I have the space and the grounding to truly work on fostering this reconnection and reintegration of my mind, body, and spirit.

All these changes have accelerated my business development. I’m more focused on the big picture and goals of my women’s wellness + retreat company. In two weeks Amber and Daniel have helped me to finalize a company name, logo, and sales strategy. I’m halfway done with my website and learning more about WordPress and social media strategies than I ever thought I’d know!

This fellowship has been amazing so far. I’ve most enjoyed the balance between EpicSelf Fellowship work, personal business work, and time for fun! We have gone to the organic market twice, to Manuel Antonio national park, and have SUP boarding & yoga tomorrow. This program is challenging and demanding but it is oh so rewarding!