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Ayahuasca Peru

Is Your World in Disarray? Go Try Ayahuasca in Peru

The world can be an overwhelming place especially for those people caught up in a fast-paced work environment or a stressful home with a couple of young children to take care of. Work deadlines, financial pressures, even concerns about your country’s political status can drive you to overeat, overdrink or even turn to drugs to temporarily ease your mind.

A three-day vacation at a resort might be the only “medicine” you need to relax and refocus but that may not be the cure for what truly ails you. You will simply jump right back into that proverbial “rat-race” and find yourself in the same state of mind as before after a few days.

More than a Resort

So, why not consider an alternate way to not only relax and refocus, but to gain insights about yourself that will let you handle the pressures of everyday life and put everything in its proper perspective? Epic Self, the brainchild of Amber Sears, offers retreats in Costa Rica and Peru as well as on-line sessions, books and videos that will help you regain that spiritual, emotional and physical balance that everyone needs.

On aspect of the Epic Self retreats is the use of Ayahuasca in Peru, a tea-like beverage consumed during Sacred Plant Ceremonies held at some point during the retreats. Ayahuasca is a natural substance and a “cousin” of the well-known “Magic Mushrooms” or psilocybin and has been used as a traditional spiritual medicine by the ancient folks of the Amazon Basin. It is not toxic nor is it addictive and when taken under a controlled environment as in the Sacred Plant Ceremony there is an extremely low risk of any sustained psychological effects.

The Epic Self retreats have a structured but loose schedule and you will certainly not be alone to find your spiritual awakening. A typical day will begin with yoga and pilates at 7:00 a.m. followed by a healthy organic plant-based breakfast. There will be daily excursions to places like Machu Picchu as well as group and personal coaching sessions.

The Sacred Plant Ceremony is guided by trained facilitators who will lead your transition to a place within your mind where the Ayahuasca brew will open your mind to endless possibilities and wipe away the thoughts that have been holding you back from your full potential. And after about three or four hours the effects wear off as you begin to view “real life” in a more enlightened way.

Stay at Home Options

If you are not ready for a full-fledged retreat you can enjoy other Epic Life products that do not require you to travel to a South American paradise. The Epic Lifestyle Bundle, for example, is a package that includes a three-hour audio course, a recipe book featuring healthy vegan recipes, a Guide to Epic Living eBook and three instructional videos for vinyasa yoga and pilates.

If you do opt for a retreat, be sure to book your spot as early as possible as they sell out rather quickly. Use the online form to send a message to Amber or use any of the major social networks to learn more about Epic Life and all that they offer especially Ayahuasca in Peru.

Ayahuasca Peru

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Ayahuasca Peru

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