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Business Accelerator

The Epic Self business accelerator program gives developing companies access to much-needed, professional mentorship and peer guidance at one of the most crucial stage of a company's existence - its adolescence. The support and mentorship that Epic Self provides to companies in the early years of their lives can be invaluable in terms of helping new businesses become self-sufficient and stable.

What Kind of Businesses Should Use a Business Accelerator?

Any kind of business can benefit from Epic Self's premium business accelerator program. Whether yours is a retail business, an online business, a pet grooming business, a photography business, or any other kind of business, this product can help you grow your business to the next level. However, your business should be at a certain phase before you purchase an accelerator program.

How Old Should My Business be?

Typically, your start-up should be beyond the initial phases of business start-up. Your company should already be at the adolescence phase of its growth, meaning you have an established business that's gotten off the ground and is making sales. In the adolescence phase of a business, just like with a human, it is strong enough to stand on its own "two feet," but it needs support and guidance to grow to the next phase.

If yours is a business in its infancy phases, and you need help growing into the adolescence phase, then a business incubator might be just what you need.

Investment Opportunities

Because Epic Self partners with a network of world-class investors who are always looking for great new investment opportunities, you might find that your business comes across some investment opportunities with our business accelerator program. Of course, this is not promised as a part of the program. What we do guarantee is ongoing support to all of our clients, continuing mentorship, logistical resources, technical guidance, and a network of peers who can help you grow your business to the next phase.

How Long Does this Program Last?

The typical business accelerator program from Epic Self can last between 60-180 days, depending on the needs and budget of the business we're supporting. During this time, our job is to help your semi-new company gain its legs and be able to stand and grow on its own strength. After completing this program, you will be able to stand, walk, and run on your own strength, staking your claim into your target markets.

Get Started Today

As the old saying goes, "Study long, study wrong." Of course, you always want to weigh out all of your options and make educated and well-informed decisions for your business. However, many business owners often make the mistake of over-thinking this decision, only to regret it later. Just go forward with the investment!

The business accelerator program from Epic Self is an investment into your young business that will net a very positive ROI quickly and throughout the course of your business's life. Contact Epic Self today to begin growing your business to the next phase of success.

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Business Accelerator

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