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Leadership Academy

The Epic Self leadership academy teaches aspiring leaders how to both manage tasks and lead people, as these are both fundamental skill sets that leaders must master. Knowing when and where to apply management or leadership qualities can make you a better leader and gain you the respect of your peers and subordinates. To illustrate the responsibilities of a leader, imagine someone who walks a tight rope. Too much to the left or right will cause them to lose their way. So it is with the tight rope of leadership.

Unfortunately, too many managers and decision-makers spend too much time managing and not enough time leading. At this point, you may be wondering what the differences between the two are. It's actually very simple to explain.

Understanding Management

Management is very task-oriented in nature. Management is skills-based; it' rational. Management is about processes and calculations. Just consider the vocabulary we use on project management; we estimate effort, and we calculate durations, plus or minus 15%. As you can see, this is very rational and logical. Likewise, the way that a manager relates to people is one of rationality and authority. "You report to me, and you get a salary for doing your job."

Understanding Leadership

Leadership, on the other hand, can be said to be very people-oriented in nature. Leadership is not as much about the skills you possess as it is about your behaviors and your attitudes. Leaders are inspiring and motivational. Whereas a manager is rational and commanding, a leader wants to understand the people around them. They ask questions like, "What makes this individual tick on my team?" They use this to inspire.

A leader also paints an appealing picture of the vision of where the team is going. Again, they motivate their team members to follow. You see, following is a voluntary action. You cannot push people to follow. Whereas the management approach is a push approach, the leadership approach is much more of a pull approach.

Leaders ask a lot of questions whereas managers do very well at telling people exactly what to do. Because leaders are so interested in people, they have a high amount of emotional intelligence. Of course, cognitive intelligence or IQ is also very important to being a leader, but you cannot be a leader without emotional intelligence.

It's about inquiring, listening, and understanding people - understanding human psychology.

Combine the Skill Sets

The best leaders learn how to blend the two approaches. They know how to manage tasks and lead people. To summarize the differences, consider the following characteristics of a manager and a leader, and know when to play which role in any given situation:


  • Task-oriented
  • Skills
  • Processes
  • Methods
  • Authority
  • Telling
  • IQ
  • Push approach


  • People-oriented
  • Behaviors
  • Inspirational
  • Empowering others
  • Asking
  • Motivational
  • EQ
  • Pull approach

At the Epic Self leadership academy, you'll learn how to develop and hone your leadership capabilities to optimal levels. You'll know when, why, and how to use management qualities and leadership qualities to get the results you need from your team when you need them.

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Leadership Academy

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