DONE is better than PERFECT

This phrase has radically changed the way I do everything in life. As a recovering Type-A perfectionist, perfectionism was a fear I struggled to overcome. I used to get in my own way A LOT, which halted my personal and professional development substantially.

It used to take me 3 hours to write a blog post. I would perfect, stress, and worry about my work “being enough”. Then I would sit in anxiety while I pushed the publish button. I feared what people would think or say about my writing. Sound familiar?

I allowed perfectionism and fear of judgment to control and dictate my life.

How Did I Get Over My Perfectionism?

I started setting timers and launch deadlines for myself. That way, I couldn’t procrastinate or edit my work incessantly before putting it out into the world.

I focused on getting my tasks done consistently DESPITE the emotions that were going on inside.

I sat in the anxiety, fear, and worry because I realized these feelings were not going to kill me.

When I found myself getting in my own way, I would remind myself that “done is better than perfect.”

The more I wrote, the more confident I became. I learned that my writing was not only “enough”, but it also helped people despite any run-on sentences, typos, or grammar slips. The more positive feedback I received, the more inspired I became. I rode the momentum wave and stayed consistent.

Like mastering any skill, by practicing daily, I got faster and more decisive, and I trusted myself more fully.

Moral of the Story

Perfectionism stems from a lack of self-confidence and trust.

Confidence and trust are built through action and practice. You are not born with it.

Everyone has to be a beginner and grow that confidence from within.

I wasn’t born a writer, a dancer, a teacher, a coach, an entrepreneur, etc.

I learned by showing up every day with a curious mind and an open heart to what is possible. To be honest, I sucked at first, but I was willing to fail a lot. I kept trying and stayed with it longer than the vast majority of my peers.

So, if you know that you are preventing yourself from doing, being, and expressing yourself fully, it’s time to stop analyzing your work and start pumping it out.

The only way out of fear is through.


Lots of Love & Light!

Amber Sears