How often do you think about your feet? Besides the random pedicure or shoe shopping spree, most of us forget about the little guys. We’ll cram them into tight stilettos or hard work boots and forget that the foot is a massive receptor. A vast nerve network just itching to be massaged, stretched and strengthened.

Imagine back in the day how agile our feet had to be. Hunting and gathering bare foot requires strength and flexibility. Modern day humans don’t necessarily need this type of agility, but that doesn’t mean we should completely forget that how we treat our feet trickles up into the rest of the body and mind.

Tension in the feet, or anywhere else in the body for that matter, leads to mental stress and unease. Reflexology massage is a perfect example of how massaging pressure points on the foot can relieve tension elsewhere in the body. Everything is connected in the body. When we neglect one part we neglect the whole.

Below I wanted to offer you all some strengthening exercises and simple massage techniques I do everyday. Follow along to build more mind/body awareness and relieve stress. Perfect for the beginning or end of the day!

Foot Massage and Strengthening Exercises from Amber Zuckswert on Vimeo.
Toe socks and the ever popular Vibram Five Finger running shoes have highlighted the growing concern over foot health and longevity. I recently finished up a fantastic read, Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen, that examines an ancient civilization of bare foot running people still living in the isolated mountain ranges of Mexico. Barefoot running or Vibram running (:D) is all the rage in professional running circles around the globe.
Athletic shoe giants like Nike have tricked us into thinking more padding and support is the quick fix and answer to back and knee pain associated with foot imbalances. Why? To sell more shoes! We have to go back to what nature intended if we want to truly fly. Strengthen the foot and toss the shoes. SImple. Runner’s World offers a well rounded pro and con discussion if you’re intrigued.
Though I don’t run on a regular basis I’ve been dying to get a pair of Vibrams just to wear when power walking the hills around town. They are popping up on people’s feet more and more every day. Until I buy a pair I’ll have to do with my toe socks which I dance and teach in daily.
Notice the massive holes in my socks?! I could never go back to stuffing my feet into ballet shoes or point shoes! You don’t want to know the kind of crippled toes and deformed feet I’ve seen when point shoes come off.
Take care of your feet now and thank me later! Happy Weekend everyone!
How do you take care of your feet? Have you tried Vibrams or toe socks? Reflexology?

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