“When we heal ourselves, we heal our ancestors from wounds that run deep in our family. When we heal our ancestors, we heal the world from wounds that run deep in humanity.” – Miriam Rose

Ancestral healing is necessary. Pain and suffering are passed through our family lines until someone is willing to feel it, heal it, and let it go for good.

It’s up to us to change our generational patterns so we don’t pass them on to our children. Our human evolution depends on our capacity to embody the change we wish to see.

So the next time someone says “this runs in our family,” you can reply, “Yes, it does, and the cycle stops with me.”

Your Healing Starts Now.

Every moment is an opportunity to choose again. Remember, you are the ultimate creator of your reality.

So, how do you want to show up? What patterns do you know you want and need to break for good? What emotional baggage is holding you back? How do you want to feel? What do you need to let go of?

When we all have the courage to answer these questions honestly and do the inner work to release the junk that weighs us all down, we will experience a higher vibrational world full of love and peace.

The inner work required to heal generational wounds isn’t easy, but many of us are being called to do so in a big way. Spirit is calling us to transform and rise up. To break old cycles and create a new paradigm here on Earth.

Do you feel this call? Do the cycles end with you? I’d love to hear from you! Comment below and let’s chat!


Love & Light!

Amber Sears