Note: This is a guest post I wrote for, but knew you’d love the video and message as well.
Amber is an International pilates and yoga instructor, professional dancer and founder of She specializes in crafting holistic lifestyle design programs based on mind, body and spirit balance. Shes offered retreats and workshops all over the globe for the last 6 years in Australia, Bali and Mexico, and strongly believes in the power of continued education and retreats to radically transform your life.

Hows your breath and posture right now? Can you unclench your jaw and relax your eyebrows? Its hilarious how much tension we hold in our bodies from external stressors. The mind and body are a vast ecosystem of neural pathways, automatic reactions, and ingrained movement patterns. Our mental stress leads to neck, shoulder, back and hip tension in the same way a cranky tight unused body leads to increased mental strain and energy drain.

Whether you love to shake it on the dance floor or hike mountains, the way you treat and train your body directly effects your mood and clarity. Prime example: When you slump your shoulders and hunch your back do you feel confident? Even if you are down in the dumps, when you correct your posture you increase your confidence. Just like when you smile you feel happier.
As a high raw vegan superfoodie, I know the power of nutrition in self transformation, but movement is equally vital in clearing energy blocks, grounding in the now, feeling and looking sexy, while accessing higher levels of awareness and consciousness.
The fantastic news is we can completely re-train your body mechanics so you move more efficiently and tension free with grace, balance, strength, flexibility and precision. Lets begin now. Follow along with me in my latest pilates mat video. You have to feel to believe.

How do you feel? I look forward to hearing about your experience. Feel free to browse through my videos on YouTube for beginning and advanced clips.
Bethanne and I are so passionate about the power combo of mindful eating (raw and superfoods) and conscious moving (pilates/yoga/dance) that we created day long and weekend retreats programs to help you ignite your true potential.
We hope to see you at one of our next day long workshops in San Francisco on August 4th and September 15th, 2012 at The Yoga Society of San Francisco. Register and read all details on my retreat page.
 Cheers for now from Rancho La Puerta! Smile and breathe.
  You are here in your body, why not feel the best in your skin?