What we resist persists. Learning to navigate my own inner resistance is a lesson I’ve learned more times than I’d like to admit on my journey.

Inner resistance can show up in a million ways in life. It’s the biggest barrier between who you are today, and where you dream to be. It shows up most commonly as procrastination, fear, frustration, depression, control, and self-doubt.

How so? Let me break it down…

When you procrastinate and say things like “I’ll get that done next week,” or “Someday I’ll get serious about doing what I love,” you are resisting taking action and feeling the feelings that will come up when you do.

When you feel fear, and allow it to control your life, you are resisting growth and change. Which only leads to more suffering because the only constant in life is change.

When you feel frustrated at yourself for not doing the things you know you deeply desire to do, you are resisting your own greatness. Paving over your own soul and going to war with yourself.

When you are feeling depressed, anxious, and overwhelmed you are resisting what lights your heart up. What brings you joy, fulfillment, and meaning.

When you feel the need to hyper control everything you are resisting letting go and lack trust in yourself and others.

When you feel self-doubt, you are resisting your inherent limitless capacity. You are denying the immense power and potential you have within.

And of course, it’s okay to feel all of these things. We all do.

But, my challenge to you is to choose how you respond to this inner resistance. To become first AWARE of how resistance shows up for you and then to take action regardless.

I also want to emphasize the power of surrender and trust when it comes to resistance.

Instead of resisting the inevitable changes of life, could you go with the flow and trust that deep down you know what to do? ABSOLUTELY.

Instead of resisting and fighting, could you partner with your resistance and use it as fuel for your fire? 1000%!

So, how does resistance show up in your life? How do you choose to respond to it? Tell me about you!


Lots of Love & Light,

Amber Sears
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