When I was first sexually active in my late teens, birth control was something my mom helped me understand. I knew that preventing an unwanted pregnancy was very important to my future and that if my contraception failed, I had two choices. The Plan B pill or an abortion.

I watched as a few of my closest friends got sick for days after taking the Plan B pill, and I heard the horror stories of what an abortion feels like.

I knew that I never wanted to have to experience those things, but I was grateful they existed in case I needed them. There was NO WAY I was willing to give up my entire future for an unplanned pregnancy.

So, I’m beyond grateful that I’ve never been raped or had contraception fail me. Though many of my sisters haven’t been so lucky.

1 in 4 women will have an abortion in her life. I am grateful that my sisters had a safe place to go to have the procedure done, otherwise, they would have found other dangerous means to abort regardless.


Why are you for abortion?

Let me be super clear for everyone who is ready to attack me, post dead fetus images, and call me a baby killer.

You couldn’t be more wrong. I am pro-choice, not pro-abortion. And there is a difference.

I strongly believe in the rights we are all gifted by Roe vs Wade. The constitutional right to govern our own bodies is on the path to being taken away if Roe vs Wade is revoked by the Supreme Court.

This choice is EVERYTHING. It’s a basic human right that is being stripped from millions of women right now in the U.S.

Any abortion ban that puts a woman behind bars for the rest of her life for aborting a baby past the six-week mark, or forces her to carry a baby she doesn’t want full term is called one thing only…


What no pro-life advocates are willing to talk about is what happens to the millions of children that will be born into toxic environments with unprepared parents if abortion is made illegal in the U.S.

Who will take care of the millions of orphans that will be born to teenage moms alone? Will you raise them?

Who will help women heal from the trauma of having children they were forced to carry full term against their will?

The pro-life argument for “life” stops at birth and doesn’t take into account the massive ramifications of what will occur if all those babies are born.

This world doesn’t need more traumatized children and women. There is so much damage already done. I see it every day in my work.

There is no way I can sleep at night knowing I didn’t fight for my own reproductive rights or my future daughters when I had the chance.

And there is no way I will disrespect all the women who fought and died for our current right to choose.


What about Baby Sears?

I’ve actually never wanted children until recently in the last year at 33 yrs old. It’s my right and my choice to decide if I want to have kids.

I knew from a very early age that I would never bring a child into this world unless I could provide it with the life I was blessed to have growing up.

It needed to be with the right partner. I needed to be financially stable and abundant on my own. And I needed to have the space, time, and energy to dedicate to raising my child the way my parents raised me.

That said, I know being a single mother without proper support is extremely challenging. I wouldn’t wish it on any woman. Props to all the superwomen single moms out there! I respect you SO much!

As JP Sears and I intentionally embark on this journey of becoming parents, I’m VERY aware of the responsibility.

But my story is rare nowadays. I was born as a white middle-class woman with exceptional parents who are still happily married.

I was also born in a country where reproductive rights exist. And I was educated on how to protect myself from pregnancy. Unfortunately, this is not the case for millions of women worldwide and now in the U.S.

And if I hear one more moral trump card comment about how killing a clump of cells is more immoral than the life long damage to millions of women and children, I will scream.

I also could care less if people unfollow me for speaking my truth about this abortion ban.

Furthermore, if you don’t like what I have to say, you can leave.

I’m here to empower my tribe to realize when their rights are being taken away.

I’m here to speak for our ancestors who fought for the many rights we are blessed with today. They didn’t fight for nothing. They fought for all future generations’ freedom.

I’m also here to prevent further life long mental, emotional, and physical damage to millions of women and children that will occur if abortion is banned in the U.S.

So no, I won’t remain silent about the things that deeply matter to our collective future.

I won’t pretend that these bans aren’t a direct attack on women’s rights. Nothing could be more clear.

I stand and speak for all of them.

Who’s with me? Comment below to let me know you’re taking a stand as well!


Much Love & Pura Vida,

Amber Sears