Find your purpose partner.

Find the one who supports your highest goals and grandest visions. Who loves to see you shine bright and encourages you to pursue your passionate purpose full throttle.

Find the one who respects and understands your mission. Who holds space for all of your emotions. Who celebrates your wins and supports you in the darkest moments.

Find the one who accepts and embraces all aspects of you. The dark and the light. The perfect and the imperfect.

Find the one who aligns and resonates with you on all levels. You’ll know by the way your soul recognizes them. The recognition is far beyond the mind. It comes from the spirit.

✨But before you seek externally for that one person, become this person for yourself.✨

By becoming the best version of you and living in full alignment with your unique truth, you will attract the same in another.

It’s up to you to break the cycles and patterns. The unworthiness, not enoughness, and self-destructive tendencies must go.

It’s up to you to heal the parts of you that block you from giving and receiving love fully.

You are that powerful. It’s time to remember the strength of your light.

Remember, unconditional love surrounds us always and is available at any moment. We can give it to ourselves and receive it from nature.

So often our hearts are haunted and walled off from past experiences that we lack the clarity to see the magic unfolding before us.

So ask yourself… How can I give myself and others more love today? How can I embody the vibration of love more fully? What can I do to heal my heart from past pain and fear of the future?

I’d love to hear your answers below!


Much Love From Peru!

Amber Sears