One of the biggest reasons people stop pursuing their dreams and believing in themselves is because their journey is taking longer than expected.

The concept of working diligently towards something that truly matters is often lost in our modern day “I want it now” culture.

We have swapped purposeful and deeply fulfilling work that takes years of practice and inner growth for shallow and empty jobs that simply pay the bills and buy x,y,z.

In your pursuit, you may feel like everyone is doing, being, and achieving more than you. Comparison syndrome at its finest. Stop comparing. Focus on what you are building.

You may feel like you should be learning and growing faster when, in reality, there is no race beyond the illusion in your mind.

You may feel like giving up completely because it’s taking too long and self-doubt is rearing its ugly head. Don’t listen to the fearful voice in your head. Stay the course and be present for the lesson in front of you.

Your life and business is simply an experiment and a journey of lessons. When you pay attention to the lessons at hand by being present, you realize that you are exactly where you need to be.

You can begin to enjoy the journey instead of rushing ahead and living in a state of worry about what’s to come. You can learn to live fully on purpose as I explain in this blog post.

Enjoy the journey of becoming. Trust that you are exactly where you need to be.


Trusting the Journey

Trust the process. Trust the lesson in front of you.  And most importantly, trust your heart. It will be your guiding light in the sea of possibility.

When you trust yourself, the universe shows up to support you.

When you trust you instantly relax and remember the beauty of the journey.

This is your life. You choose how you experience it.

And don’t fret if you need help along the way. I can help you!

I’m Here to Help You WIN!

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Pura Vida!

Amber Sears