Alright ladies, so here’s the deal. We obviously have very different health issues and concerns then men. From monthly cycles, to fertility and pregnancy, to menopause, we need to maintain our health through it all. We often turn to birth control, pain killers, and hormone replacement therapy to regulate and quell our discomfort, only to suffer severe side effects and cover up symptoms. Have you ever wondered how woman of other cultures maintain and regulate their health? The secret is Dong Quai.
dong quai
Revered as the ultimate, all-purpose woman’s herb, dong quai, or angelica root, has been used by woman throughout China and Asia for thousands of years. This potent herb is traditionally used to regulate menstrual periods, enhance fertility, build blood, strengthen bones, and maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails. It also relieves hot flashes and other symptoms related to menopausal changes. But studies have shown that in addition to reducing these discomforts, dong quai increases immune functions and reduces levels of damaging free radicals in the bloodstream.

Health stores readily carry dong quai in either tablet, liquid extract, or raw root form. At first I was skeptical, but after drinking dong quai tea for several months, I felt a ton of relief from PMS. Of course you’ll want to get more info and see if dong quai is an herb you want to incorporate into your life.

All I have to say is, taking an herb beats popping a handful of Aleve every month!