In an amazing interview with Sheldon at Soul Speak, Amber talks about light leadership and the disconnect that plagues people today. Everyone’s busy, and they’re disconnected from their bodies, from nature, and from real and authentic connections.

Knowing this, she gives plenty of practical tips and tricks you can use to start living fully, embodying light leadership, and transforming your mind and body.

You can listen to the full interview with Amber and Sheldon here or keep reading below!



In her interview, Amber defines a person who embodies light leadership as “someone who is living fully on purpose, who is connected to their soul’s mission in this life.”

A light leader leads from the heart, and they lead with love. By embodying light leadership, we are able to reconnect with our minds and bodies.

Of course, this is much easier said than done. Being a light leader requires being authentic and transparent. It means being real and upfront about our everyday struggles and victories. It means leading by example.


As Amber explains, embodying light leadership requires reconnecting and transforming our minds and bodies. Luckily, she gives some practical ways to do this.


A great way to reconnect with our minds is by journaling. Even sitting for 10 minutes a day to journal out your thoughts can do wonders.

Meditation and mindset work for 10 minutes a day is helpful too. Taking time to sit with yourself, to discover what excites you, and to practice gratitude are the quickest ways to get into your heart space.

Ask yourself questions that dig deep:

  • Am I making this decision out of fear or because it lights me up inside?
  • Is there something I’m doing or not doing because I fear judgement from others?
  • Am I grateful for the many positive things in my life, or am I focused only on the negative?
  • Do I truly love myself, and do I believe that it’s okay to love myself?

Taking the time to dig deep and allowing ourselves to feel our true emotions is the first step to reconnecting with our minds.

Of course, this isn’t a one-time fix. Working on your mind requires consistent dedication. Keep working as you build a foundation of confidence, start to practice gratitude, learn to follow your heart fully, and begin to live life to the fullest.



Physically embodying light leadership means spending time to work on our physical selves.

Practicing pilates, yoga, myofascial release, and dance are all amazing ways to reconnect with your body. Amber uses all these methods and more when coaching others on how to become light leaders.

But reconnecting to your body isn’t as easy as it sounds either. Just like our minds, our bodies need a consistent foundation, and we owe it to ourselves to love our bodies just as much as we love our minds.

By building a solid foundation of consistently working on our minds and bodies, we not only learn to empower ourselves, but we also put ourselves in the position to become leaders and empower others.



Working on our minds and bodies is a process, and it could take years to get to the place of confidence and self love we long to be.

That said, it doesn’t have to take years. Amber loves to immerse people in nature to be with themselves and work exclusively on reconnecting with the world around them and within them.

It’s toxic to sit with our same patterns and behaviors, so Amber offers multiple retreats that help people shift out of the same old patterns and truly begin to transform.

She coaches people in trainings that last from a week up to a month on how to reconnect and become light leaders. She incorporates all the things she mentions in her interview to jumpstart those who are ready to uplevel fast.

These practical tips and deep-diving retreats offer ways to help you reconnect with your mind and body. Start building that consistent foundation of light leadership today so you can start living your life fully and on purpose.


So, how disconnected are you? What practical tips mentioned in the interview are you going to try today? Shout it out in the comments below!

P.S. If you’re interested in the Detox Your Life ecourse Amber mentioned in her interview, you can find it here!