Being digital nomad entrepreneurs means JP Sears and I have the flexibility and freedom to do our work online from any corner of the globe.

It’s a lifestyle and business model that I hustled for many years to figure out for myself. Then I struggled to find a partner who had the same entrepreneurial dreams and could fit into what I had created.

Gratefully, the universe was listening and working on my behalf. Getting to share this incredible journey with JP means everything to me.

And while we are consciously choosing to base in our new home in Austin, Texas right now. Travel is still a huge part of our digital nomad lives and how we make an impact on those we serve.

This weekend is no different. We just landed in San Diego for the next four days. I’ll be attending Brendon Burchard – Live. Love. Matter.’s Influencer Business Conference and then attending JP’s comedy shows in the evenings.

JP will be doing his thing on stage making hundreds of people laugh per night.

But this digital nomad lifestyle didn’t just come out of thin air and land in our laps. We both intentionally created it.

We’ve worked strategically, both separately and together, to ensure our businesses can run effectively and efficiently online and abroad.

⚡️Are you curious to learn how I did it? I’m more than happy to share. Feel free to drop your specific questions below in the comments, and I’ll give you my recommendations.

P.S – If you are in town and coming to any of JP’s shows, definitely DM me. I’d love to connect with you in person and laugh together!


Lots of Love!

Amber Sears