One day in an “average” person’s mind

  • Beep..beep..beep… oh, it is 6:30am already? But I have just fallen asleep. Beep… beep… Ok ok, I am up.
  • Train is arriving at 7:30, have to be at the office by 8:45.. Well, I will just grab coffee and a bagel at the station. No time for breakfast.
  • Look at all these office faces: tired, hating each other, saying Good Morning like it is the worst day ever.
  • Oh man.. So much to do, I am so sleepy, I need another coffee.
  • My back hurts, my eyes are red, my brain stopped working 2 hours ago.
  • Finally, it’s 5pm! I get to go home. I am dying to relax in front of the TV. This day was so long.
  • I have to fall asleep. It’s 1am and I have to wake up in 6,5 hours. What to do with all these thoughts?! Why do I feel so miserable? Why my every day is absolutely the same? My life is dull and uninteresting. I don’t have joy, I am not happy, I am stuck.

Brutal reality

How often do you find yourself thinking those thoughts? Have you ever wondered if this is all what life can offer? Do feel like you deserve a life full of joy, interest and enthusiasm? You are not alone.

I had all of those questions and lots more. As a result I just couldn’t make my peace with that “regime” and I had to to get out. How can anybody get out from a life that 90% of all the people have? Answer: get out fast! There are millions of people that are trapped in a circle of home-office-home. They live the life on an automated mode with no energy to change it. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least try.

Change of perspective

There are so many pros of having a stable on-site job like comfortable familiar work environment, little community of coworkers, managers that can help/push you when needed, no major surprises in your daily routine. Yes, all of this considered to be good and very desirable in a job. But, wait a second, aren’t we supposed to love what we do every day? Don’t we deserve to be free and not be stuck in an office 8-16 hours a day? Don’t we need sunlight and fresh air at least for a couple of hours during a work day? Sadly, the truth is people stopped value freedom especially if they are paid a lot of money for it.

But what if you have listened to your intuition and you imagined that there can be another way of living? Maybe you even thought you can do it. Guess what? This little daring thought is the most important in changing your lifestyle! Because the moment you let yourself believe that you deserve a better life, the whole Universe will help you in achieving it.

How and When

I can’t say it is easy to change your whole lifestyle to be location independent. In fact, I won’t. What I will say is that this as everything in our world is absolutely possible. Let’s go through a few steps:

  1. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the place of your dreams. In the morning you have all the time in world. You begin your work at a cafe shop on the beach or by the fireplace in a lodge near the mountains. You have a structure, you know an exact work flow in a most effective way with less time possible. It brings you happiness and fulfillment.  At the end you look at the result as a masterpiece with pride and joy. Got the picture? How does it feel? Feels like you want to start doing it right away? Great! You are on a right track.
  2. Trust yourself. Be ok with a failure. Every start is challenging so be patient and keep your eyes on a prize.
  3. What is your skill? How can you support yourself from anywhere in the world? Be very realistic. Nowadays anything made through a computer and online is a ticket to an independent lifestyle. The World became digital and there is no way around that.
  4. Work on your resume/portfolio/presentation. There are so many talented people who have already tasted the freedom of a location independent lifestyle. Therefore they are doing their best to get there too. So your game needs to be strong from the very beginning.
  5. Create social media accounts and make them beautiful! Make the content about your product/service useful, attractive and interesting. That means you should add new posts daily because persistence is the key.
  6. Find companies who you can work with. Maybe you can create for them or be an ambassador for their product. Imagine how can you help them in their business.
  7. Never ever think it’s not going to happen. And this step will definitely be a challenging one. That’s why in the moments of doubt always think back why did you start it all in the first place. It helps to keep you focused.

Why all this trouble?

Seriously. Maybe it is easier to just stay at your current 9-5, Monday to Friday, 30 min lunch break job? Yes, it is much easier but that doesn’t mean it is better. Our mission in this life is to create and to be the best version of yourself. You will never accomplish this mission by sitting at your desk and making somebody else’s dream come true. Therefore it is time to realize the worth of your life and the worth of your time.

I hope this article will inspire you! What does your current work day look like? What do you think about location independent lifestyle?