Blake Woodard

Strategic Partner

Blake has 8 + years of experience running a private investment fund, where he currently focuses on real estate development in New York and Los Angeles. His success with math-based stock trading led UC Berkeley to invite him to teach a graduate course in quantitative finance. He’s been a strategic business partner of Amber’s since 2013.

Kiran Mccutcheon

Executive Assistant

Kiran is Amber’s executive assistant who you’ll most likely meet and engage with via email if you apply to any of our coaching programs or retreats. She manages many projects and wears many hats in the company to support Amber in her mission. Kiran has been a stellar member of our core team since early 2018.

Alexa Rachel

Social Media Manager

Alexa is our fabulous social media manager who’s brought her vast array of marketing skills, creativity, and super positive high vibes to EpicSelf since early 2018. You will most likely engage with her via DM within Amber’s Instagram and Facebook pages. She has her fingers on the pulse of messages and provides incredible customer service.