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  • Mindful Movement

Solar Plexus Power – Free Your Energy

Boost your self-confidence, willpower, and drive by activating, opening, and strengthening your solar plexus. This vital energy center sits between the lower ribs and navel. Practicing deep core work, like you see me doing here [...]

  • Core activation

Deep Core Activation Routine

Kick off your weekend with some deep core activation! Join me on your mat (or towel?) for this pilates sequence designed to awaken and ignite the power of your center. Building strength in your core [...]

  • Feel Your Fear. Serve.

Dance Your Way to Inner Freedom

Unleash your inner wild goddess. Set yourself free in mind, body, and spirit. Reclaim your power and embody your highest self. Let go of the habits and beliefs that keep you playing small. I’m sure you [...]

  • Mindful Movement

Free your mind with mindful movement

Everything you need to know is within your body. Our bodies are gifts, and mindful movement is medicine. Reconnect to your temple daily. Honor it. You and only you hold the power to change how you [...]

  • Learn to Love Yourself

Love Yourself in my Self-Love Challenge!

The journey of learning how to love yourself isn't easy, especially in a world that teaches us the opposite. Still, going against the odds is all part of the adventure. Learning to love yourself better [...]

  • Self-Love Challenge

Self-Love Challenge

Self-love is an adventure, but learning how to love and honor ourselves is a journey that sometimes feels impossible in a world that teaches us the opposite. But, the inner work required to reclaim your confidence [...]

  • mind your movement

Change your mind, Mind your movement

This morning I woke up feeling tired. I stayed up working way too late and didn’t get enough sleep. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. Even though I wanted to sink back into sleep and [...]

Mindful Movement

When someone says Mindful Movement, what comes to mind? In my mind, I always imagine someone moving really slowly. It's a little silly picturing it that way but it makes a clear point, and that is [...]

Why I Enrolled In Yoga Teacher Training

For me, yoga has been integral on my path of self-healing and self-improvement. It took me a while to finally take the leap to do a yoga teacher training but I'm so happy I did. My [...]

10 Ways to Stay Fit this Summer

Summer is finally here! That mean's the pressure is on to stay fit. It's the time of  the year where BBQ's, pool parties,  and loved ones and lots of food are in full swing. It's also [...]

Pilates for Men?

Is Pilates for men? I am a young male, yoga instructor who loves to find new ways to move in his body. I enjoy being challenged mentally, physically and emotionally, whether it be through a [...]

10 Tips to Prioritize Fitness

Happy June everybody! In the Northern Hemisphere this means that bikini season is on the brink of being in full swing and this is often accompanied by a sense of panic. Am I fit enough? How am I [...]

Women’s Weight Training

It is a common misconception for women to believe that weight training will make them bulk up and look like a man. Fear not ladies!  It is physiologically impossible for you to put on large [...]

Joyful Inversions and their Benefits

I have always loved going upside down. Regardless of whether I was on the ground, in the water or in the air, since I was just a wee one I have loved it. Because joyful inversions [...]

Why You Should Practice Acro Yoga

For those of you that don't know, Acro Yoga is short for Acrobatic yoga. And I'll just be blunt and tell you, you should practice Acro Yoga! There are many different styles of acro yoga [...]

Finding a New Power in Pilates

I’ve always shyed away from Pilates.. To be honest, I thought that in a way, Pilates was a Yoga impostor. In the last 18 days at the EpicSelf Fellowship, and under the training of Amber [...]

  • Benefits of Foam Rolling

8 Benefits of Foam Rolling

8 Benefits of Foam Rolling   Have you started foam rolling yet? If not, get on it-there’s oodles of benefits that your body will love you for! Read my article from yesterday about my top [...]

  • benefits of Foam Rolling

Top 5 Foam Rolling Exercises + Tips

Top 5 Foam Rolling Exercises + Tips   1) Upper Back (Thoracic Spine) If you’re sitting at a computer right now, take a moment and notice what your upper back is doing. Are you hunched [...]

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