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How to Recover Quickly From an Injury

If you've been sidelined by an injury, you may be feeling disappointed that you can't partake in all of your normal activities and daily routines. But the good news is, as long as you focus [...]

Presence and Space through Yoga

We have control over two things only... here and now. In this moment is boundless freedom. Yoga allows us to create space in the mind, space in the body, and space in the heart. We [...]

Spread Compassion with Yoga in Costa Rica

How you treat people, how you make them feel, and who you inspire them to become is priceless. These invaluable qualities mean more than what car you drive, how much money you have in the [...]

10 Day Yoga and Ayahuasca Retreat

What you seek is seeking you. Retreat to reset, reconnect, and awaken to deeper levels of you. Meditation is just the beginning.   10 Day Yoga and Ayahuasca Retreat December 23rd- January 2nd, 2016 at [...]

Getting Jazzy

? Getting jazzy with some attitude! In between sets of free weights at the gym I love to jump around, improv and choreograph little sequences rocking out to my blaring beats. Luckily the studio at [...]

Movement Never Lies

Movement never lies. Body language speaks volumes beyond words. Our bodies reveal exactly what our minds believe. They hold our emotional baggage and past traumas. Most of us walk around day in and day out [...]

How is your body today?

How is your body today? Before you hop on your to do list take a few moments to check in. Stand with your bare feet on the ground, close your eyes, and focus on your [...]

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

Beautiful morning at this Costa Rica Yoga Retreat. Rise, shine, sweat and smile! The BEST way to launch into Sunday Funday ! Show up for yourself. Even if all you do is sit and breathe. [...]

Connection to the Earth

She was swept away by the sheer surging of life, the tidal wave of being, the perfect joy of each separate muscle, joint, and energy pulse. That it was aglow and rampant, expressing itself in [...]

Jungle Living

Welcome to the jungle! The rainforests of Costa Rica are some of the most biodiverse places on Earth. They are so ALIVE. From the red rich soil, to the climbing vines, to the leaf cutter [...]

Love Your Body

Dear body... I love you. I have missed our daily practice time together immensely. I am sorry for neglecting you. I let business get in the way of our vital relationship. You deserve better. I [...]

Yoga Perspective

Will your life be about aversion or ascension? One is ruled by fear, self protection, conformity and egotistic ease. The other motivated by freedom, authentic self expression, and an enlightened effort that requires your full [...]

Yoga Retreat – Reflect On How Far You’ve Come

‪#‎StopDropAndYoga‬. Reflect on how far you've come. On where you are going and who you are becoming. What stands out to you most? In your spiritual, mental and physical evolution remember to stay humble and [...]

Pilates Mat Challenge Day 9

Pilates Mat Challenge DAY 9 How is your body today? Any aches, pains or concerns? Where are you holding tension and stress? These are the first questions I ask my clients when we meet up [...]

Pilates Mat Challenge Day 8

Pilates Mat Challenge DAY 8   Movement is absolutely essential for consistent happiness. When you are feeling low energy, depressed or sad go move your body. Preferably outside in nature. Breathe and let go. Get [...]

Pilates Mat Challenge Day 7

DAY 7 Empower from within. Sculpt deep core strength. The more connected you are to your solar plexus, the more confident you will feel in all aspects of life. Six pack abs are not just [...]

Pilates Mat Challenge Day 6

Pilates Mat Challenge DAY 6 Did you practice today? Even though I spent most of my day hiking through the rainforest I hit my mat for a little Roll Over and Control Balance for my [...]

Pilates Mat Challenge Day 4

Pilates Mat Challenge DAY 4 Stop drop and plank with me! Leg Pull Back is one of the fastest ways to target the entire back side of your body. Sculpt long and strong glutes, hamstrings [...]

Pilates Mat Challenge Day 3

DAY 3   Day 3 of my ‪#‎PilatesEveryDamnday Challenge is Saw. I adore this piece because it chisels the waist, builds perfect posture, opens the hamstrings and low back, increases rotation and articulation of the [...]

Pilates Mat Challenge: Day 5

DAY 5 It's Sunday Funday! Join me on the beach for some deep heart opening. Day 5 of my ‪#‎PilatesEveryDamnDay challenge is Swan. Boost strength and flexibility in your spine and core all at once [...]

Pilates Mat Challenge Day 2

DAY 2 My #PilatesEveryDamDay Challenge Day 2 is Reach and Curl. Begin in a table top position on your hands and knees. Make sure your hands are directly under your shoulders and knees under your [...]

Pilates Mat Challenge Day 1

DAY 1   My #PilatesEveryDamDay Challenge launches today! Join me as I share and practice 30 of my favorite pilates mat exercises over the next month on Instagram and Facebook.   Every day I will [...]

Pin to Win A Spot In My Day Retreat

Crisp Fall is in the air and the cruisy days of Summer are slipping away quickly. This change in season is always a fantastic time to revamp your healthy habits and wipe the slate clean in prep for Winter. Set yourself up for success during the excessive holidays and radiate the best you now with my Pilates/Yoga Superfood Detox Day Retreat this Saturday, September 15th from 1-5pm in San Francisco.

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