Happy Monday everyone! I’m almost at the end of my 30 Day Fellowship with Epicself and I’m sad to see it come to an end so fast. I would like to share with you how I’ve been treating my body and living my life over the last few weeks. Sharing with you my highlights, challenges and overall experience with the hope to inspire you to make whatever changes you need to in this brand new week.


The diet raw vegan diet was a challenge right from the get go. Vegan and Raw! I have made lot of changes to my diet through my journey of healing and have gotten a much better relationship with food because of it. Deciding to do raw vegan was still a huge leap for me and my recipe making skills. I started out opening the fridge to all beautiful nutrient dense produce and was totally blank. What on earth was I going to make with this today without cooking? I’ve definitely come a long way since then.

I’ve realized all the meals I eat at home are all cooked. If I made something raw, it was only is anything a sauce or smoothie. Even my salads had cooked meat or quinoa in them! This really showed me that I need to implement more raw foods into my diet. I also experienced a lot of detox while being here because of it. Ive been able to acknowledge that my body has been housing excess toxins is great to know. Drastic diet changes can be difficult but it become easier with practise and time.

I did found it really challenging to keep producing work with foggy brain symptoms.  My protectionism mentality also really showed it’s face during this time. It has been something that has held me back in the past that I thought I had worked through.You become a perfectionist from wanting to strive to be your very best. Striving to be efficient but most of the time, it really just holds us back, stops us from moving forward and has us only focused on the negative outcomes until you reach that level of perfection your satisfied with. Why are we constantly striving for perfection? We are not perfect beings which is what actually makes us perfect in our own right in our own time.

Yoga, Pilates and Myofascial Release Classes

I have seen huge improvements in these classes. I’ve seen my body open, expand, lengthen and strengthen. Amber is a master at crafting her sessions to work within your body needs while pushing you forward to keep working towards stepping out limitations. It hasn’t been easy! I’ve sounded and felt like I’m 80 years old in some of our sessions. I’m biggest accomplishment was two days ago when I could do an upward lift over my head for the first time without assistance. This may not seem big for some people but it’s huge for me. Amber has worked with me daily to build up my upper body and core strength. The myofascial classes had the impactful on my body. Learning to release tension and tight muscles on my own without having to pay someone else to do so in itself is freaken amazing!!!  I can’t thank Amber enough for helping me. Her knowledge of the body and expertise is like I’ve never seen before. Truly inspiring.  I can’t thank her enough for the immense amount of knowledge she as shared with me. I’m looking forward to the day I start a yoga training class to help my clients do the same. Something I thought was completely out of reach for me is now in sight.

Coaching and Epic Workload

Amber’s coaching helped me find clarity in my business goals. I’ve started my website “Healthy Sexy You” and will be launching it very soon. Super exciting! Many people have told me I have a light inside of me that burns bright. A sparkle that is mesmerizing like a light that can attract a bug from miles away. I felt I’ve lost that while going through my own health struggles and have been working on ways I can bring it out and have it shine brighter since. Amber has helped me develop my business so now I can share this light with the rest of the world and help others overcome their health struggles like I have.

My time here has also been spent sharing social media and building online content for Epic self.  Finding out what information is capturing the attention of people and what doesn’t. This is something that could be the difference between success or failure for a business. Writing has never been a strong point for me for as long as I can remember. I get stuck on how to translate my thoughts and feeling into written word.  My mind does not work in a linear pattern. I’m afraid of not having the right wording, sounding like an idiot and also have my work not be of quality.  I’ve been super afraid to click the publish button my work.There is no time here for this fear! A blog post should take me an hour? What?? An Hour! And I’m taking 5-6?

I’ve realized this fear has come from others who have made degrading comments to me over the years about my writing and communication skills. With all my strengths in clear sight, I’ve let this still get the betterment of me and feel like I’m hitting a wall. I’ve realised these comments that were made about me are more about a reflection into the people who made them. And not actually of me. Yes, I may need some improvement in this area. But, we build people up. We help others better themselves. We don’t break people done. At least in the world I choose to live and be in.  I’m coming into my own power and doing the work that fulfills me. I will forever be a work in progress, I’ve reached a new depth with this understanding. It’s a great feeling knowing I will always be growing, learning, and changing. This opens me up to new adventures both of the world and within myself; seeing that gorgeous mountain top view from whatever trek that challenges me.

Daniel and Sales Training

If you’ve met Daniel you know he’s a Sales Jedi Genius. We clicked from the very beginning but when it came down to training, I was a complete mess. I get so nervous with role playing. He’s been bringing out my confidence. I didn’t realize how much I was lacking in confidence in this area. I’ve always be able to easily talk to people. People tend to feel very comfortable with me, so much so they usually end up telling me their entire life story. I’ve also worked in the front line dealing with customers and sales all my life. So when I kept going blank and was tongue tied. this was really hard for me. My body and mind tried to unintentionally move around the awkwardness instead of sitting in it. Working through this has been very insightful. It’s difficult not to get down on yourself and your abilities while working through something that you find really challenging. It’s even harder when you’re in the presence of someone who has mastered a skill to where it looks and feels so effortless. However, on the flip side, it is exceptionally inspiring and motivating. Daniel also helps you acknowledge your true strengths, and points out your weaknesses so you can use those as well to help you. I can’t put into words how thankful I am to him for all his lessons. I am not definitely not where I would have liked to be in our training before heading home. But, I have been facing each session and going through getting more comfortable being uncomfortable. I’m definitely further than I was before I came. I’m also equipped with how to keep me moving towards bettering these skills. That in itself  is a huge win for me. It has highlighted my determination and an area I need to spend some time in developing.

We need to remember not to break ourselves down as we continue on our journeys, on our paths.  Sometimes feeling lost and unsure in our footing is exactly where we need to be so that we bring our focus to reassessing our surroundings, reprioritizing our needs, and continue exploring this jungle on the outside and within. It through these journeys where we find our greatest most rewarding paths and destinations. Everyone has had a time when they didn’t know how to do something and had to work really hard to get at it with learning new skills and practice. I’m going to keep getting on this bicycle and keep practicing till I’m riding with no hands.