I hope you’re reading this blog post refreshed and rested after the weekend and eager to pursue your passions and purpose this week. Despite the intensity of our world, it’s important that we all stay focused, intentional, and aligned with our missions as best we can, especially us business owners.

As a business coach, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about what to do right now. Below are the most common questions I’ve been receiving and my advice.

How do I effectively share my opinion, perspective, and voice right now online when I’m afraid of kick back, criticism, and judgment?

You will be judged and criticized no matter what you do or say online, so you might as well share your unique truth and your heart. Right now there are a lot of angry and triggered people who are easily offended and quick to lash out.

This doesn’t mean you should shrink back and be afraid to post valuable and helpful information for your community right now. It means, it’s time to lean into the fear and overcome your people pleasing tendencies. You will never be able to appease everyone. And trying to do so, is a waste of your precious energy.

Your only job is to remain true to your heart. To speak when you are inspired to speak. To lead in the way you are intuitively feeling called to lead. And to be confident in your stance and open to hearing different perspectives and opinions.

As your business and audience grows you will experience haters. You will have people attack you for no reason. Ever leader experiences this. You are not alone. The best way to cope with this is to not take it personally, let it roll off your back, have compassion for where people are at, and continue to speak your truth regardless.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to block toxic hateful people from your social media pages. You are in charge of your boundaries and protecting your community from hurtful bullies.

I had a launch planned for this week, but now I don’t feel like I should be selling. What should I do?

If you can afford to hit pause and pick up your launch in a week or two, I highly advise you do so. Right now the worlds attention is focused on racial injustices, the pandemic, and the many layers of these issues, as it should be.

To ensure your launch is successful and meets your goals, I highly recommend you push it back, and focus on creating empowering, educational, and helpful content for your audience right now.

Ask yourself what your community is feeling and needing right now in terms of support. How can you use your gifts to deliver this support in a unique way? How can you empower, inspire, and motivate your community right now with your skill set?

I have staff and bills to pay and can’t afford to not be selling right now. What is the best way for me to go about marketing right now?

This completely depends on the business you are running, what your products/services are, and who your primary customers are. Every business owner will need to pivot and make adjustments according to these factors.

Use your social media platforms and ads to share relatable, authentic, transparent, vulnerable and empowering content that supports your unique customers where they are right now. You must change your messaging to fit the current needs and goals of your customers. Most likely, they have changed since this pandemic hit.

So sit down and brainstorm how you can adjust your current products/services, or launch new ones, to serve your customers. This may mean offering a lower price point program, that’s more accessible to more people. This may mean offering a sale for your most popular product/service. There are thousands of ways to go about adjusting within the current market.

In general, we have no idea how long this economic crisis, pandemic, and civil rights movement will last. We have to pivot quickly and effectively to ensure our businesses will withstand the long haul.

If you don’t know what your customers want and need right now, ask them! Create the products and services they want and need at this time.

I’m still not allowed to open my in person business in my city, and I don’t know how to move my business into the online world. Where do I start?

1.) If you don’t have a website or social media accounts on IG, FB, YouTube, and LinkedIn, set those up first. If you already have these set up, focus on the step below and stay consistent with sharing very valuable and helpful content to your online audiences daily.

2.) Get creative with what you can offer online to a global community.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are your current products/services? And how can you translate them into the online sphere?
  • Could you create an online course, event, coaching program, or membership community?
  • What is your exact expertise and how can you teach that online?

3.) Do market research by asking your audience/customers what they want and need right now. Ask them what their challenges and goals are. How can you help them get from A – B? How can you provide the solution to their problems? Also, do research on other companies in your industry to assess what is popular  and most valuable right now. The market is always shifting, so you must be aware of these adjustments and respond accordingly.


So, I hope my answers above support and help you. I’m here to serve and ensure you not only survive, but THRIVE during this pivotal time in history.

Sending you so much love for a beautiful week ahead!


Many Blessings,

Amber Sears
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