During my 27 years of life at least 10 times I tried to change my life. Five of them were successful enough to get myself on a new reality. Every time before each change I would be depressed because of dissatisfaction of a current life I was in. And each time I would end up with a master plan.

To be able to see why I came to Costa Rica this year and took a part in EpicSelf fellowship I need to share a my story:

Since I was little I never did anything that didn’t bring me joy. I always needed that fulfillment, happiness or meaning in any activity I dedicate my time to. As good and right as it sounded, this attitude wasn’t highly appreciated by my school. You see, students almost everywhere are not supposed to entirely love what they study. They just need to obey to the rules, do what they are told and believe blindly that it is all for their own good. I had really hard time with that system, so I just wasn’t following it.

Pure Joy

As I grew older I found out that I didn’t have to do anything unless I wanted to and nobody really cared about it. That was true for me all the way through my university years. Then I moved to the US and my paradigm shifted: I needed to make money to survive. For a few years I mostly hustled between dozens of jobs to make money that could cover basic needs like rent and food. And it was one of the most valuable lessons of my life but it also took something from me. I forgot what was like to do something purely for joy of it. And it became clear to me when every day started to be the same and felt like burden. None of the jobs made sense to me mostly because I had to be somewhere by the exact time and stay there during 8 hours. I felt stuck, all the time.

After moving to San Francisco on my 4th year living in the US, I realized that I needed to find my passion. I needed freedom and joy.

Free & Happy

Last year I started looking for remote jobs to be finally happy with a location independent lifestyle. I had a couple of gigs but all of them were over pretty quickly. One day an idea crossed my mind: why can’t I teach my best skill to others and help them to be able to speak languages? And I totally could! I always loved languages. I have been studying and speaking English since I was 6 years old and I got fluent in Spanish and Italian thanks to my university professors. And I constantly study new languages and it gives me the thrill, joy and fulfillment.

Well, I was excited. But I was also lost: how should I start all that? Where can I find clients? How can I make my website?

Luckily for me, Universe listens and gives us everything we want. All we need to do is ask and wait. And so I did. In a month I found that Epicself had a Fellowship Program ope and offered trainings in company building that included everything I needed plus yoga/pilates, vegan meals and possibility for an ayahuasca ceremony.

Something Changed

Two weeks in I feel like I have a completely new life: I am on a different reality that I chose myself by coming to Costa Rica and starting my own business. It is been very intense 14 days with lots of business coaching and website building. And I loved every second of it! My health is on a new level now: with daily 90-minute yoga/pilates sessions my body feels amazing. I can’t even imagine anymore my morning without it. Mostly raw cuisine gave me a different level of energy. I feel like I can fly most of the times. It feels amazing. Ayahuasca ceremony and sweat lodge that I participated in my 1st week here were so powerful. They gave me clarity in my actions and helped me to let go of anything I didn’t need anymore.

I came to Costa Rica with a plan to change my life. In the beginning it was a bit scary, a bit stressful and a little unknown. In the same exact time it was really exciting, super interesting and so fulfilling. I am very grateful for everything that is happening to me. I am on my way to bigger things, creating and inspiring all the way through.

Every day is an opportunity to learn, to discover and to be MORE. Let’s make the best of it!


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