30 days

It’s been one month of tremendous learning and expanding on all levels during my EpicSelf fellowship. I have SO much to share.

First of all let me tell you that I am no stranger to long term travel. I am also quite used to a constant learning mode. I am always enrolled in a course to learn a language (or two) at a time + yoga training + any program on self-growth. So to be honest the fellowship didn’t sound very intense the moment I saw the digital itinerary. But, oh boy, was it challenging in reality!

From the first dinner with Amber and Daniel I felt as if I had a new stream of excitement and enthusiasm channeled to my mind and body. Simply by going through the goals for the month I could already imagine how different my life would be upon finishing.


Nowadays there are so many ways to find a fellowship or related program that teaches you a whole bunch of skills. So why did I choose this one? Did I accomplish my goals? To answer these questions and more I decided to make a review about my experience with the EpicSelf fellowship.

What were your biggest take aways and lessons learned?

My dream lifestyle is to be location independent work wise and also to be able to make an impact in people’s lives providing an impactful service. I came to the fellowship to clarify my idea and to create a business based on it. My biggest takeaway was a confirmation of my path. While learning a lot, working really hard mentally and physically, I felt truly happy and on purpose. I confirmed to myself that following my heart and doing what I love the most is always the truest way to live my life.

A few major lessons were learned along the way:

  • You have to discipline yourself to be able to create in the most efficient way.
  • Nobody will do it for you. You are responsible for your own reality.
  • A work-rest balance is very important.
  • You have to prioritize the most important things over everything else.
  • A connection to a tribe of likeminded people has a huge impact on your life.

What were your greatest challenges and how did you overcome them?

Like most people my brain gets distracted by a million things. The challenge for me was staying in the moment and doing the most important things first. I got a lot better at this by practicing yoga and meditating every day. Amber definitely taught me how to move and be mindful about it.

Another challenge I had was facing the unknown. This happened to me somewhere in the middle of the program. As my Sales and Marketing coach Daniel said, it happens to most of the fellows at approximately the same time. That was a fear of not being perfect in providing my service. I am already a professional in quiet a few things like photography and tour guiding, but coaching languages that I know and love was something new for me. At the same time I feel very excited about it. After sharing my worries with Amber and Daniel, I understood that I didn’t need to be perfect. I just need to listen, to be present and be truthful in everything I do.

How did your diet change your mind, body and spirit? What were the main benefits you experienced? Did you enjoy making meals and learning by doing?

This part was amazing!

I have been vegetarian for a few years. I always wanted to try raw vegan diet for a month or so. The result exceeded all my expectations: I feel a lot lighter and stronger, a few pounds melted with ease, hair and nails became so much healthier. Mentally I feel joyful most of the time even when there is no specific reason for it. My mind is clear and I am able to visualize a lot easier and faster. This alone was a game changer. Imagination and ability to create ideas are responsible for manifesting everything into our lives.

Amber and I created so many yummy raw and vegan recipes! I was impressed how much you can do with raw food. Amber is such an unbelievable source of information! I learned so much from her and ready to implement every bit of my knowledge into my life.

What benefits do you feel from the daily yoga and pilates? What will you take away with you?

I became a lot stronger than I used to be. The routine of a morning meditation + yoga or pilates is magic. Beginning with a 90 min practice changes the whole flow of the day. Your body can handle a lot more, your brain is fully active and present and your mood doesn’t swing during the day. Now, I can’t imagine my day starting any other way.

How do you feel about your new website and business? What were some of the road blocks you experienced and how did you overcome them?

My website is a masterpiece. I am not kidding. It’s so perfect: it is beautiful to look at, easy to navigate and it showcases everything I need for my business. Amber is great at building websites. She knows everything about anything. I was 100% supported and guided all the way. I can certainly say that as if now I am able to create a stunning website from the beginning to end.

Building my business was a different story. The first step was actually recognizing what exactly I wanted to offer. That was the hardest and most important part. Prior to the start of the fellowship I was fully aware that not having a solid business idea would affect the program. I was also told by my coaches that they would do their best to help me find it. And they absolutely did. After searching and brainstorming a lot, we all agreed I would be the most effective and efficient in coaching Spanish/English languages and offering photography services. From that moment, we dove into creation and sales training.

Daniel, the Sales and Marketing Jedi, put his heart and soul into my project and trained me on his techniques. They were unusual in a way and pretty challenging overall, but I can certainly say that his sales system works and attracts a lot of clients. By the way, I already have two!

My company is called BeMore – Travel. Check it out at www.BeMore-Travel.com and also follow me on Instagram @bemoretravel.

The End & New Beginnings

I am so happy to be here. And I am not talking about beautiful Costa Rica. I am talking about this magical circle of constant creation, self-growth and spiritual awareness. This is my life and my tribe. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity I was gifted by Universe. This month made an impact so huge that it shifted me into the reality where I am the happiest, healthiest and the most helpful to others.

This is only the beginning and I am extremely excited for every single bit of goodness coming my way.

Pura Vida!