Stop asking people who have never been where you want to go for directions to YOUR path.

How many times in your life have you reached out for guidance or support only to be told your dreams are impossible or outlandish? That you don’t have what it takes and will probably fail? That you should just be “normal” and fall in line with the rest of society?

How many times have you silenced your intuition and heart to appease other people’s expectations of you? How much guilt and shame do you carry around day in and day out because you resent yourself for NOT doing what you love and being your most authentic self?

The honest answers to these questions might shock you. They’ve been powerful inquiries in my journey that have gifted me greater perspective and understanding about why I think and behave in many ways in relation to other people’s opinions.

From the beginning, I knew I was carving a path less traveled. The things I wanted to do and achieve, as well as the things that mattered to me most, were very different from the society I grew up in.

I was always the black sheep who dared to create a lifestyle company that served my heart and the world despite the naysayers of the universe who told me it couldn’t be done, or that I wasn’t enough. Those people only fueled my fire to keep charging forward.

So, how did I find that path?

Very quickly, I learned to put myself around and learn from the people who were living my dream. I hired business coaches, web developers, rockstar assistants, and personal trainers. I found mentors online who empowered me through their embodied living.

And I also realized I had to stop caring about what other people thought. That trying to appease everyone was not serving my highest potential and was actually the biggest block in my expansion.

The moral of the story is to choose your mentors and friends wisely. Don’t take advice from people who haven’t been where you are going. Stop trying to fit everyone else’s expectations of you. Inquire within to figure out what you truly want to do and be. Then go do that despite others’ opinions.

Imagine what could be! I believe in YOU.


Blessings for a beautiful week ahead!

Amber Sears

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