A kick start three pack of nutrition coaching sessions begins with an in-depth discussion and intake of your current diet and lifestyle. You’ll track what you eat and drink with pictures for at least one week before the live session. You’ll share and set goals and intentions; weight loss, more energy, clear skin, better digestion, detox, etc.

The second session is allocated to rummage through your kitchen with you virtually! Helping you read labels, toss the junk, and make room for more vibrant whole foods. Grocery lists and recipes designed for you are provided to help you stock your cabinets.

The third and final virtual chat is a detailed outlining of your unique sessions and a plan of action with recipes, and endless resources you can implement immediately into your busy life. Amber works with you closely to design a plan that fits with AND elevates your current lifestyle, while teaching the skills to help you maintain it. Consistency is key to vibrant longevity, but it’s where most people struggle. Healthy habit forming is the ultimate goal.