Expressing yourself authentically and unapologetically is your ultimate superpower in business.

Do you…

  • Want your brand to stand out, but don’t know what you are missing?
  • Do you want to connect with your audience better, but feel like you’ve tried everything?
  • Want to revamp your offers because you’re no longer inspired by them and no one is buying?

Then it’s time to have a deep drop in with YOU. Get back in touch with who you are at the core and you’ll find the answers you seek.

Below are some key questions to ask yourself about your business and how you choose to show up for it.

How often do I share stories that would deeply resonate with my team, community & customers?

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to teach, inspire, motivate & connect with others. Do more of it & watch the magic unfold.

What aspects of me am I holding back & why?

Trying to be perfect & put on a facade that isn’t you will attract all the wrong people. Don’t hold back. Share your heart & mind openly.

What makes me & my business unique in my industry?

If you haven’t done market research recently, get to it! Identify what the key differences are between you & other people in your field. Focus on amplifying those things.

What are my greatest gifts & core genius?

You must know what these are so you can build your business & lifestyle around them. These also can change overtime, so allow your business to grow with you. As you evolve, so will it.

What can I offer that combines my greatest gifts with what my customers are wanting/needing?

Getting clear about this will change your life FOREVER. You can’t market & sell something you aren’t passionate & excited about. If you don’t love your offers, people can feel that. It’s a win win for everyone when you are fulfilled by the work you do & it serves your customers at the highest level.


Your willingness to be transparent, bold, vulnerable, and real with your team, clients, and community is the key to massive business growth and ultimate fulfillment in your heart.

Being out of alignment and integrity with yourself may work for a while, but over time, it will eat you alive and ruin your business.



Much Love,

Amber Sears – Online Coaching & Trainings
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