Self Love Warriors
Stay inspired, motivated and empowered on your self love journey with my tribe of like hearted warrior women on the RISE!
Reclaim Your Power
Take your self love, confidence, and health to EPIC heights within my online membership community. Receive in-depth video trainings, live Q & A's, action steps, and bonus trainings featuring renowned experts.

My warrior tribe is for you if you are...

- Eager to transcend the self destructive and limiting beliefs that hold you back.

- Ready to face your fears and grow rapidly.

- Eager to re-wire your mind and release emotional baggage.

- Excited to overcome body image issues and learn to unconditionally love all aspects of you.

- Ready to do the mental, emotional, and physical work required to achieve your dreams.

NOW is your time to heal, transform, and shine brighter than you thought possible sister. The world awaits your gifts and I am here to support you every step of the way.

What's Included?
Video Trainings
Enjoy an one in-depth video trainings per month. Themes include: holistic nutrition, yoga, pilates, meditation, sacred sexuality, mindset hacks, dream building, and SO much more.
Action Steps
Each video training comes with exercises to complete and practice throughout the month. I am all about helping you shift your lifestyle for good and consistent action is the key.
Live Q & A's
Join me LIVE twice per month in our private Facebook group. You can ask me specific questions, share your unique experience, and connect with fellow self love warriors in our tribe.
Group Coaching Call
Join us once per month for a 60 min discussion as a community on Zoom to connect with your sisters, get your questions answered, and receive the emotional support you deserve.
Guest Experts
Learn from a collection of amazing guest coaches with diverse expertise and skill sets in self development. They share their most powerful tools and exercises with our group.
Training Library
As a monthly member you'll have full access to the library of my previous 32 trainings that I created over the last 2 years. Browse and pick what you'd like to focus on as you wish.

Doors Are Now Closed Until Spring 2021
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Current Members Are Saying...
"I've been doing all of the video trainings and this week I had a major body break through! I was able to do camel pose and hold it for a few seconds. I'm amazed at the progress my body is making. The new consistency of my self care is motivating me to keep showing up. All these months of dedication are totally paying off!" 
- Eileen F.
"Actively setting standards of healthy living for myself and children has given everyone who causes me regular stress, discouragement, or pushes boundaries, a clear message that those triggers and negative patterns have no place here anymore. Thank you Amber!" 
- Christina S.
Hey there! I'm Amber Sears. I'm a holistic transformation coach with an extensive background as a pilates + yoga teacher and plant based nutritionist. My mission is to help you experience your fullest potential and create your dream life. You are deserving, worthy and beyond capable.

Over the 12 years I've taught thousands of people within my private coaching, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings world wide. I use a vast array of tools, techniques and practices within my programs that heal and transform my students on all levels: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

I strongly believe in a holistic approach to self development that includes fitness, nutrition, mindset shifts, meditation, nature immersion, emotional healing, community support, and SO much more. Read more about my personal healing journey and passionate work on my website

Now Is Your Time
Experience my most powerful transformation tools and techniques for only $49 per month. Below is all you'll receive:

- One in-depth video training per month
- Action steps to follow for each training
- Two live Q & A's in our private Facebook Group
- 60 min group coaching Zoom call every month
- Guest expert trainings and workshops
- Access to all 32 video trainings from the last 2 years
- Accountablity and support from a global sisterhood

I'll be with you every step of the journey. Doors to my soulful sisterhood are only open for 7 days! See you on the inside!
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