Greetings from Thailand! I’ve spent the last few days settling into the beauty and tranquility of Koh Phangan island in preparation for the Eco Chef and Epic Academy Yoga Teacher trainings. It was a long journey, but it was beyond worth the flight time to bask in the warm rays of the East and reflect on the highly transformative mindset shifts that got me to where I am today.

It’s been a few years since I last produced a retreat here, so I am thoroughly enjoying my exploration of the new restaurants, yoga + detox centers, and stunning beaches.

All of the students are here and getting into the groove of our in-depth schedule. My dear friends and fabulous teachers, Aly, Tish, Derek, and Johanna, are back together once again bringing their magic to our trainees.

We are officially a family and will be going through a massive transformation together over the next 30 days. I look forward to sharing the journey with you and will be broadcasting live on Facebook and Instagram as the adventure unfolds.

These 30-day trainings are a dream come true for me. I’ve worked for over a decade to get to a place where I can provide the most healing, empowering, and life-changing experiences for my students.

But that dream doesn’t come easily, and the challenges I’ve faced to produce these kinds of experiences continually force me to up level how I show up as a teacher, leader, and business owner.

I share this all with you because while I wake up pinching myself, super excited about the dreams I am creating, I want to be real about the challenges and how I overcome them.

Below are a few of the mindset shifts and practices I’ve incorporated over the years that have allowed me to persevere against all odds and truly thrive amidst uncertainty.

1.) Trust the Process & the Greater Plan at Play:

When things don’t work out as you planned or anticipated and when everything feels like its crumbling beneath you, it’s time to TRUST and take some deep breaths. There is a greater plan at play, and divine timing is always in effect.

That thing didn’t work out because something else is falling into place. When you look back at that difficult moment in hindsight from a more macro perspective, you will realize it all happened for your greater good.

2.) Set Clear Intentions & Follow Through Fully:

Take time to set clear intentions about your vision and the steps you will take to get there. Follow through with every little step. Those little steps will add up to your huge dream over time.

Without a clear intention, vision, or action plan, you won’t go anywhere. You must know what you want before you can create it.

Write and speak your vision into existence. Put your whole heart into it and the universe will meet you there.

If you are unclear, the universe doesn’t know how to support you. Remind yourself daily what your intentions and big vision are.

3.) Know When to Adapt & Flow:

Life throws us all sorts of curve balls no matter how much we plan. You must be able to roll with the punches, adapt, and think quick on your feet.

Instead of getting disheartened by setbacks, be open to finding new solutions. How can you think from a more macro perspective? Who can assist you?

Sometimes it’s hard to know when to quit something and when to keep going. Trust your intuition when making your decisions.

Building your dreams won’t be easy, so don’t quit before you’ve even given it a worthwhile shot. Failure and rejection are part of the journey. They are to be expected. Don’t let them bring you down or stop your pursuit.

4.) Remember Your Why:

Write down your biggest WHY and put it on your desk where you will see it often. Why do you do what you do? Who are you working for? What feelings do you desire to have? What are your passions and purpose?

Remind yourself of your why when things get challenging. It will put you right back on track.

5.) Experiment a Lot & Be Curious:

Treating your life and business as an experiment with childlike curiosity is essential to becoming who you want to be and doing what you desire to do. You may try one way that fails, so try several different ways.

When you believe it’s an experiment, there is far less heaviness when it “fails.” If you maintain a mindset of certainty, your mind is closed to creative solutions. A curious mind is an open mind that can playfully try new things without fear.

6.) A Beginner’s Mind & an Open Heart:

You don’t know everything, and pretending that you do will prevent you from growing and being successful in all areas of your life. Enter every situation with a beginner’s mindset and open yourself up to receive the lessons in the moment.

Every person has something to teach you. Every experience has a takeaway. Open your heart to the endless possibility that surrounds you always. If you feel like you only have one option, you aren’t thinking big enough.

Where there is a will there is a way. Never hesitate to reach out for help or assistance. Going at it alone is not possible. We all need support from mentors, assistants, and friends. Thinking you should do it all on your own is preventing you from growing quickly and receiving the support you deserve.


I hope these mindset shifts have helped you on your unique journey today. Know that I am always here for you. I believe in your radiant heart and limitless potential. I am here to serve and support you in whatever way you need most as a coach and as a friend.

Blessings for a beautiful weekend ahead full of rest, connection, and play.


Pura Vida!

Amber Sears
Online Coaching, Retreats & Teacher Trainings