Boost your self-confidence, willpower, and drive by activating, opening, and strengthening your solar plexus.

This vital energy center sits between the lower ribs and navel. Practicing deep core work, like you see me doing here with pilates, is a fabulous way to stoke your internal fire daily.

The main function of the Manipura/Solar Plexus chakra is to provide fuel to move you forward, so you can realize your personal and professional desires and intentions.

It plays a fundamental role in the development of your personal power and self-esteem.

It feeds your direction in life, decision making, and actions taken in order to reach your goals.

So, if you struggle with the following…

✨Maintaining your will & personal power.

✨Taking responsibility for your life.

✨Staying mentally sharp.

✨Forming personal opinions & beliefs.

✨Making decisions & setting the direction.

✨Making clear judgments & decisions.

✨Developing your personal identity & personality.

✨Feeling self-assured & confident.

✨Being self-disciplined.

✨Being independent.

Then focus on bringing balance back to your solar plexus.

Follow the Flow!

Try this pilates flow with the stability ball.

It’s much harder than it looks, so take it slow and control the ball so it doesn’t wiggle.

If this is too advanced, just hold a plank with your shins on the ball and practice breathing deeply. Every time you exhale engage your core by drawing your navel deeper into the spine.

Did you feel the burn? Is your solar plexus an area you know you need to balance? Let me know what you think! I’d love to hear from you.


Lots of Love!

Amber Sears