Hilarious, yet effective! Surprisingly you can get a quick burn in while you sit bored in traffic or riding the train to work. Instead of daydreaming or stressing over work related tasks, clear your mind by focusing on your body for a few minutes. I found this simple workout through a friend who works for Equinox.

I personally think the strap pull up is genius! As a mass transit baby I find myself standing on crowded trains and fighting for straps regularly. Building upper body power and strength is an added bonus to the extreme savings and reduced carbon footprint from swaying with the train riding masses.

Strap-Hanger Pull-ups
Didn�t get a seat?No problem.Let�s work biceps. Holding onto the strap engage your bicep.You can even pull up a little onto your toes.Keep the neck and shoulders relaxed while holding the contraction for 8-10 seconds and release.Repeat 8-12 times or until muscle fatigue.Casually change arms and repeat on the other side.(Another option – briefcase bicep curls while waiting on the platform or stuck on line waiting for a train ticket.)

Commuter Seated Calve Raises
Start with feet hip width apart and flat on the floor.Come up onto the balls of your feet and contract your calve muscles.Remember, we�re working without weights.It�s the contraction that gives you the workout, so squeeze tight. Hold the contraction for 8-10 seconds breathing normally then slowly lower the feet to the floor using your own resistance.Commuters can lay their briefcases, NY Times, or backpacks across their laps for added challenge and weight.

The Classic Commuter Crunch
Sit in a neutral position, (feet hip width apart, and flat on the floor.)Keeping your shoulders and neck relaxed, contract the lower abdominal muscles.(Imagine your belly button is moving back and upward into the small of your back.)Hold the lower abdominal contraction and engage your upper abs.Gently round the lower back and move your ribcage down toward your hips.Hold the contraction for 8-10 seconds, breathing normally and return to a neutral sitting position.Repeat 8-12 times or until muscle fatigue.

Chest Boosters
Put your arms on your lap and interlace your fingers.Try to touch your elbows to one another, while keeping your shoulders back and your chest lifted. Squeeze and contract the chest. Hold the contraction for 8-10 seconds, breathing normally.(If you�ve mastered the chest isolation, you can add a few pec pumps while holding the contraction.)Release and repeat 8-12 times or until muscle fatigue.

Next time you commute try a few and let me know how it goes. Anything you’d add to the list?