When I reflect upon this past month, I can hardly believe the physical and mental transformation I’ve gone through. Taking a month to fully invest in my health and my dreams has enabled me to build the strong foundation for a business that is in complete alignment with my passions and gifts. Committing to show up for myself this month even during the moments of difficulty, doubt, and confusion has helped me change my mindset and lifestyle. In essence? This month has been by far the best investment in myself I have ever made. The Epic Fellowship was beyond business – it was an immersion in building my dreams. 

I feel genuinely proud of what I have accomplished and that I’ve been able to discipline and dedicate myself to fully to the creative process for the past thirty days. The results speak for themselves. I’ve seen drastic changes in my energy, level of fitness, discipline, creativity, and work ethic. What a wake-up call to see what I am capable of achieving in just one month’s time!

Lucky for me, I’ve been able to share this beautiful transformation and awakening with three other humans that have officially cemented a space in my heart as soul tribe. The support, guidance, wisdom, and joy that Amber and Daniel (the dynamic duo behind Epic Self) share has been such a gift and instrumental in my personal awakening. They have created such a supportive, encouraging, safe space for me to truly explore, question, and express myself. Not to mention, they have been so patient as I have gone through the process of re-evaluating my life on all levels and questioning the core of my soul’s calling to serve. Sabrina, the other woman here for Epic Fellowship, has been the best surprise soul sister. Her laughter, playfulness, insight, reflection, and sisterhood have made this experience a thousand times more powerful and rewarding than it could have ever been without her.

Last night on the new moon, Sabrina and I took time to share our prayers for the next steps we’ll be taking in life, business, and relationships as we make the transition from this incubator and rebirth ourselves into the world. We laughed, cried, and were overwhelmed with gratitude for what has shifted in both of our minds, bodies, and spirits.


Mindfulness, mindfulness, mindfulness. Consistently practicing meditation has brought a deeper awareness to my internal dialogue and thought process. This month I have bombarded my brain with positivity, affirmations, and focused as much mental energy as I can into creating a healthy mindset that supports my goals. But let me tell you…redirecting that mental focus hasn’t always been easy as pie. It is hard work to retrain the brain! Yet I will continue to do the work because I can see how those mental shifts have rippled out into the creation of positive, healthy habits.


I thought I knew my body. I mean, I’ve been living in it for 25 years! Then I took my first Pilates class with Amber. She has taught me more about alignment, strength, and body mechanics during this month of pilates, yoga, and myofascial release than the culmination of all classes and teachers I have worked with before. A month of daily Pilates practice has been rocking my world. I feel so much more confident at the core of my being — directly related to the fact that I’ve been accessing deep muscles of my core that hadn’t been activated through other forms of movement. My body feels in alignment, which has brought clarity to my mind. I have learned how to move efficiently with proper alignment, moving my body as unified organism instead of separate parts.


I don’t think ‘life-changing’ even encapsulates what the Epic Fellowship has been for me. I have come to understand that everything I have done up until this point in my life has led me to fully accept the responsibility to share my message: music and creativity as a pathway to awakening. I am here to share the profound and positive shifts that can ripple through all areas of life when we awaken the power of our voice and creative expression. Breaking down to break through into revelation after revelation, this month has been the best investment in myself, my time, my dreams, my health, and my business.

Epic Fellowship? More like: deep dive into your soul’s most primal yearnings for expression, your purpose on Earth, and your place in the universe. Sound intense? Why yes, at times it was. And I’m sure that it will continue to be, but it is so worth it. I am ready.