❤️ I am LOVE.

💃🏽 I am PLAYFUL.


These 3 “I am” statements are more than just affirmations. They are the foundation of my new morning ritual to prime myself for the day ahead.

What we think and speak about ourselves becomes us. And these three words are the qualities I want to invoke every day in how I show up for life.

Instead of just repeating them in my mind like a mantra or affirmation, I’m taking @tonyrobbins advice and repeating them out loud with enthusiasm and my full physicality. He calls this an incantation, which literally means casting a spell.

One of my many takeaways from Date with Destiny is the power of embodying my affirmations to imprint them into my nervous system. I do this by using the voice and the body to invoke emotion and focus the mind. This combination is super powerful for overriding limiting beliefs.

We practiced our incantations for six days straight at DWD, and I’ve continued with this potent practice since returning home. Through this process, I can feel the shifts inside my mind and heart. It’s super exciting!

💫Where your focus goes, energy flows💫

So, why not focus a lot of your energy on how you want to BE every day? Don’t you think that will change the quality of your life substantially? Absolutely!

Now it’s your turn.

Follow these simple steps to create and practice your own incantation:

⚡️What qualities do you want to BE every day? What energy could you invoke and embody that would make your days truly epic?

⚡️Choose 3 only. Write down your new “I am” statements.

⚡️Repeat them out loud for 5-10 min initially. Use your full voice, stand tall and strong, and use your gesturing to exaggerate this energy. Invoke the emotion of this energy. FEEL IT. Command it into your nervous system. Feel free to do this in the mirror as well.

⚡️Use these incantations to prime yourself in the morning and evening. Do them while you are taking a walk, a run, dancing around your living room… wherever you can slip them into your day.

The more you repeat and embody these incantations, the faster they will become you.


So tell me, what are your three new “I am” statements for 2020? I’d love to hear from you!


Lots of Love!

Amber Sears
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