When life builds a brick wall in your path sometimes all you need is an outlet to get something off your chest. Whether it’s calling up your best friend over relationship drama, or lacing up those running sneakers to release frustration about work, at some point we all need to get things off our chest and out of our minds. Writing in a journal is seriously like therapy! Luckily in today’s internet savvy, social media driven world we have even more ways to vent.

Below are a few of the most popular sites. Not only can you spill your thoughts, lifting some of the emotional load, but you can read, laugh, or cry at thousands of other people’s trials and tribulations. Sometimes all it takes is knowing that you are not alone in the struggle. So here you go… therapy for free! Enjoy a hearty chuckle and move forward into the day with a smile.

Oops I’m Sorry: When all you need to do is apologize. This site lets you apologize to the world…anonymously or not.

F My Life: Got a problem? Vent it hear and gain perspective. You might just realize it’s not so bad compared to others issues!

Post Secret: If you don’t know about this project you’ve probably been hiding under a rock for the last decade…submit your own secret.

Feeling lighter all ready…