How do we prioritize our relationship while running our own businesses? Is it possible to actually have a work-life balance as an entrepreneur?

This is one of the most common questions I get asked about my sacred union with JP Sears. We both have run our own health & wellness businesses for the last 10-15 years. We both have very strong passions and purposes, which could take us apart or bring us together.

We are consciously weaving our lives together, and we do this by prioritizing our relationship above work.

JP Sears began as a Chek practitioner teaching fitness and holistic nutrition. Then he transitioned into emotional healing coaching. This lead to making viral comedy videos, launching his first book, and now traveling the country on his comedy show tour.

I began teaching Pilates, yoga, and nutrition to 1:1 clients. That lead to producing workshops and retreats all over the world. That shifted into leading teacher trainings. Then I transitioned into more full-time business coaching.

We both love our work, and we travel a lot to do it well. We both are here to help people heal, transform, and awaken to the highest version of themselves. We have very similar soul missions, but how we express that mission is different.

So, how do you find maintain that work-life balance?

Below are a few things we do to keep the flame of our relationship alive amongst our busyness:

  • Check-in daily on a video call. A 30min – 1 hr drop in to share and connect. We’ve done this since the very beginning, and it’s been wonderful.
  • Plan a date night at least once per week. This is a 5+ hr block of time where we go adventure around together and do nothing related to work or our devices.
  • Set a play day every week where we are completely off work and can meander through the day however we like.
  • Give love in our unique love languages. We both make a conscious effort to remember to give to each other in the love languages we align with. We have different love languages, so it takes a conscious effort to give love in a new way.
  • Cut off work at specific times in the evening. We both aim to close our computers by 5:30pm every weekday. This ensures we have time at night to hang out. As a passionate entrepreneur, it’s too easy to work long hours. So, we’ve set a clock-out time.


What do you do to keep the flame alive? Let me know in the comments below!


Love & Light!

Amber Sears