2020 isn’t cancelled. We have half a year left to create our dreams, live on purpose, embody the change we wish to see in the world, and lead with our hearts wide open. You are the ultimate creator of your destiny.

The growth you desire comes when you DECIDE and COMMIT to a future you can wake up every day excited to pursue. When you take action, even the smallest step, towards what lights your heart up.

The journey to visualize and actualize your dreams requires you to get clear about what you truly want and then do the inner work to overcome your inner fears and resistances.

Your destiny won’t be handed to you. It won’t happen overnight.

There are no short cuts or quick fixes despite what people try to tell you.

It will take showing up consistently every day for your goals. It will take persevering when you’d rather not. And it will take being a beginner and failing along the way.

You have everything inside of you necessary to create a life you love that is deeply fulfilling and rewarding to your heart and soul.

You hold all the love you seek externally sitting in the center of your chest. It’s about time you gifted some of that love to yourself.

You are deserving and worthy of all you desire. It’s time to claim it. It’s time to stop playing small, do the work, and rise higher than you thought possible.

If not now, then when? Your time on Earth is precious.

Stop holding yourself back. Stop getting stuck in the same patterns and cycles. Every moment you are gifted the opportunity to choose again.

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Much Love & Light,

Amber Sears

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