Yes, I said it. You just aren’t committed enough.

THIS is one of the primary reasons you are not making the habit changes that you desire most.

If you are more than willing to give up on your goals before you’ve even get started, or if you decide to quit when things get hard, things won’t change.

You will forever wonder why you just can’t break free from your habits, let go of your limiting beliefs, or take the inspired action to meet your goals.

You will forever wonder how other people lose the weight, start the business, meet their ideal partner, or believe in themselves enough to create their dreams.

The answer is simple.

The people who change their own lives and grow beyond what they thought was possible are the ones who commit 1000%. They decide. They commit. And most importantly, they follow through fully.

When they say they will do something, they do it.

When things get difficult, they persevere through it. And they don’t complain through it either.

When other people don’t support them, they cheerlead themselves on.

They take action CONSISTENTLY no matter what excuses try to get in the way.

So, if you find yourself setting personal or professional goals and not following through to completion, it’s time to GET REAL with yourself.

Not following through is an integrity issue you have with yourself.

Not following through dissolves your inner trust and confidence.

It’s VERY difficult to believe in yourself when you don’t trust yourself.

To build more inner trust, confidence, and discipline, you must first commit and follow through. Every time. Not just when you feel like it or when it’s convenient.

Start small. Start with committing to one thing you know you can complete every day. Then move to bigger things as you build the discipline. This is how habits are formed.

Habits take time, patience, and perseverance to instill, but once they are there, everything shifts for the better!

Us humans need structure and discipline to grow in all the ways we desire most. There is no way around this.

In order to feel the immense power of expanding with the support of a super solid structure, you need to first learn to commit and follow through.

So, what is 1 thing you are 1000% committed to do by the end of 2019? Shout it out in the comments!


Lots of Love & Pura Vida!

Amber Sears – Online Coaching, Retreats, & Trainings