Epic Academy Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hr Vinyasa YTT  ~  Business Academy  ~  Website Design & Build

November 7th – December 7th, 2018
Koh Phangan, Thailand (FULL)

  • 200 Hr Vinyasa Yoga Alliance Teacher Training
  • Design & Build a Beautiful Modern Website
  • 32 hrs Sales & Marketing Business Training
  • 6 hrs of Personal Website & Business Coaching
  • 4 hrs of Personal Sales Training
  • Organic Gourmet Raw & Vegan Meals
  • 3 hrs Holistic Nutrition Workshops
  • 2 Shamanic Ceremonies
  • Shared or Private Accommodation
  • 2 hr SUP Yoga & Pilates Intensive
  • 6 hrs Pilates Mat & Myofascial Release
  • Shuttle To And From Pier

Heal, awaken and reconnect to your source. Step into and embody your power fully. Let go of all thats no longer serving your mind, body and spirit, while building a freedom based conscious business and lifestyle. Learn to lead from your heart, live on purpose, and serve others.

This small group, hands-on, personalized program is designed for the passionate yogi who is eager to learn in-depth philosophy, sequencing, hands on adjustments, anatomy, and cueing. The Epic Academy includes a large section devoted to conscious business building and website design. Our mission is to help you build the most solid foundation to launch your grandest vision and begin making money quickly.

The conscious business skill set required to make an abundant and sustainable living teaching what you love is not taught, or even discussed, in the vast majority of yoga teacher training programs. Most teacher training programs also cram 40 students together providing very little, if any, one on one instruction and guidance. So, what do all of these newly certified yogis do with their training? Not much, unfortunately. A love for yoga, dedicated self practice, and a 200 hr certification isn’t enough knowledge to confidently teach and create your dream lifestyle company.

In this ground breaking one month program we’ve fused our Epic Academy Business Curriculum with a 200 hr YTT certification program. In our signature academy we empower and assist you to create your personal brand, develop and share your voice, design and launch your website. Immerse in our advertising, social media marketing, blogging, copy writing and sales techniques. We’ll have a ton of fun along the way. Sculpting your vision is SO exciting and rewarding.

Like you, we believe in spreading light, peace and love to the far reaches of the universe. In order to make a massive positive impact, by giving more and reaching more people, the light leaders of the world need to know how to run a business. Personal growth and business development go hand in hand. As you awaken and step into your power, your business will bloom. Are you feeling the call?

Are you eager to transform & launch your dream business?

8 Students Max Capacity

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Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum

Created by Lead Instructor Aly Nind


Explore a vast array of asana styles and theoretical elements using Hatha as the foundation. Morning practice is an intensive two hour Vinyasa flow. While the afternoon is a gentle two hour Hatha with deep focus on alignment, pranayama and meditation. Remaining time will be spent on lectures covering topics of the day. 100 hrs total.
Learn all aspects of teaching including: how to plan classes, choreograph sequences, demonstrate postures, execute physical adjustments, use voice and verbal cues (English and Sanskrit). Practice and learn how to hold space for a variety of different emotions, physical injuries and limitations. Using props and modifying postures is also extensively covered. The importance of observation is emphasized and the foundation of excellent teaching. 25 hrs total.
Dive deep into the physical (muscles, bones, fascia etc.) and energetic (chakras, nadis etc.) anatomy of the human form. Aly teaches all body systems (eg. nervous system, muscular system, endocrine, etc.), human kinetics and how all of these relate to yoga practice. Anatomy provides a comprehensive blueprint for all postures while clarifying the effects of pranayama and meditation within the body. 20 hrs total.
Review topics within Hindu mythology and the traditional teachings from the ancient scriptures of The Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and The Bhagavad Gita. Looking into these Vedic scriptures gives you insight into how much more there is to your yoga practice than the physical body. By learning the 8 limb path and applying it throughout your life you will be more confident incorporating it into your classes without overwhelming your students. Two hours are spent on the ethics of the teacher-student relationship and how important this is when giving physical adjustments. 30 hrs total.
Practice teaching to the group. Develop your voice and style. Sometimes the scariest part of being a new teacher is getting up in front of people. The more you practice within a supportive group the more your confidence grows. This is a chance to receive and give feedback as well as observe others teach. Electives are interspersed throughout the month and include kids, Ashtanga and pre-natal yoga practices. Basic Ayurvedic principles and variations for advanced postures are also covered. 10 hrs total.

Business Academy + Website Build

Do you want to teach yoga classes, workshops and retreats all over the world? Are you eager to offer online yoga programs and create a video series you can sell? Or perhaps you’d like to open your own studio and build a large private client base? What ever your dream includes will require a website and key business techniques. Our 32 hr academy, plus 6 months of online group business coaching, preps you with all of the marketing and sales techniques necessary to launch a thriving business quickly.

Learn how to design and build your own website on the robust and renowned WordPress platform to showcase your talent and mission to attract students. No coding required. It’s incredibly important that you know how to function your own website without the need of a developer or designer. Having complete control over your website is critical to saving money and expanding your brand rapidly. Below is the short list of what you’ll know how to do by the end the month working one on one and in small groups with Amber and Derrick.

  • Create your brand name and logo.
  • Buy your domain and hosting service then active WordPress.
  • Upload a theme, create the design, write and complete all copy.
  • Use marketing and sales design to direct your site traffic.
  • Optimize your site for search engine ranking.
  • Write blogs strategically to increase site traffic.
  • Create and price your services.
  • Set up your social media accounts: Facebook and Instagram.
  • Short and long term marketing strategy for social media and beyond.
  • Humanize and normalize the sales process removing the fear that often comes with it.
  • Start to finish sales strategy that is specific for your unique business.
  • Honesty and efficiently promote your product and services.
  • Navigate and optimize the relationship between marketing and sales.
  • Understand your business pipeline from concept to completion.
  • Gain clarity on the content and quality of your services and pricing.
  • Close sales like a JEDI.

Rave Reviews & Testimonials

“Being a part of the Epic Academy YTT program was an experience of a lifetime!! From the yoga training, to the amazing meals, to the love and devotion that Amber and the facilitators gave to me and all the participants, there wouldn’t be anything I would change from my experience. From the time I made the commitment months ahead, all the way to the end of the training, all my questions were answered and I felt completely supported throughout my challenges and growth periods.

I’m SO grateful to have been a part of a small intimate group for my YTT as I was able to embody the teachings and lessons from individualized instruction and care. I fully recommend this YTT program to anyone who is willing and ready to make a commitment to themselves to change, grow, advance, and embody their own yoga practice to be of humble service to the community they will serve. I am sincerely thankful to Amber for her love and passion for hold loving space for all of us to transform in Costa Rica!”- Athanasia, Orange County CA

yoga teacher training costa rica
yoga teacher training costa rica

“So often we see people living a life on social media that they are not actually living in their everyday lives. It’s rare to find people who are authentically themselves in both worlds. When I was offered a fellowship position by Amber, I was nervous about accepting for fear that what I seeing portrayed was not actually going to be what was offered. What I quickly learned once I arrived at EpicSelf, is that Amber is one of the most authentic people you will ever meet. Every image Amber portrays on social media, she also embodies in real life. Every message and quote she posts, she lives by everyday. To be able to live, work and learn from her for a month was the most profound experience of my life. She radiates love, support and guidance, every single day.

Looking back on this experience, I cannot believe how much my life has changed in such profound ways in only one month. I learned nutritional information and vegan recipes that will change my health and the health of others, who I can now share this information with. I built a business and website thanks to Amber’s web, social media, blogging, and SEO expertise.

My yoga, pilates and meditation practice evolved tenfold thanks to Amber, who I’m also convinced is the best instructor on this planet. But what sticks with me the most about my experience is that I found a completely awesome new tribe of friends and mentors who live their lives the way I want to live mine and who truly and deeply care about my personal and professional growth. I’m so grateful to have had such a life changing month. Thanks for bringing me to Costa Rica and not only accepting me into your tribe but embracing me with such supportive and loving arms.”- Courtney Thorn, Vermont

yoga teacher training costa rica

“Aly Nind organized and facilitated such an amazing teacher training program. Not only was she committed to delivering a well-balanced curriculum, she was also able to find that same balance with her students. We each came with very different experiences, information and knowledge bases. Aly was able to understand us, challenge us and support us, in the areas that we were wanting and needing. She took the time to link the theoretical with the practical; she supported us in our philosophical and theoretical lessons; she helped develop our personal practices and move us beyond our comfort zones.

Aly’s greatest gift is understanding each participant, respecting and honouring them, and supporting them in their own individual journey.  She has the ability to respond to others, through her own humour, emotions, sensitivity, and intuition, while never neglecting to teach and learn.” – Jaime Dee, Canada

Meet Your Teachers

Aly Nind

An international Vinyasa and Sattva yoga instructor, former professional break dancer, and the owner of The Yoga Home in Alberta, Canada. Over the last 10 years she has taught many forms of yoga and dance around the globe. Aly discovered the healing and transformative power of yoga after suffering many injuries in her dance career and other favorite activities like surfing and snowboarding.

Aly is a certified and registered Yoga Alliance Teacher with over 900Hrs in Hatha, Ashtanga, and Sattva yoga. Plus, another 2200 hrs in Massage Therapy. She specializes in Therapeutic and Cranio-sacral massage and adores weaving these healing modalities into her yoga classes, workshops and retreats. Over the last several years she has lead annual retreats in Costa Rica and Peru. Aly’s passion for sharing the transformative power of yoga lead her to create her own teacher training program. She is the lead educator for the YTT portion of this program Mon-Friday.

Amber Zuckswert

The founder of EpicSelf.com, international pilates and yoga instructor, former professional dancer, and holistic nutritionist. She holds comprehensive certifications in Vinyasa Yoga, SUP Yoga, The Pilates Method (mat and apparatus), and Holistic Nutrition. Over the last decade Amber has taught her passions around the globe at several of the top retreat centers and festivals, while maintaining an online private client base.

She adores nothing more than sharing the healing power of movement. She is a self taught web developer, former professional blogger, and social media maven who is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to build their dream businesses online. She produces all inclusive week long retreats and The Epic Academy program every month in her home base of Manuel Antonio. Amber teaches the Pilates Mat and Myofascial Release Workshops, the SUP Yoga/Pilates Intensive, as well as half of the business training along side Daniel on Saturdays.

Johanna Thorn, N.C.

Author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book “Live Vibrantly! 10 Steps to Maintain Youthfulness, Increase Energy and Restore Your Health” is fiercely committed to guiding people in taking ownership of their health giving them freedom to live life beyond the ordinary; full of energy, free from fear of aging or disease. Her path to becoming a Restorative Eco Chef and Wellness Coach became clear after having restored her own health from one debilating health issue after another including an auto-immune disease.

Over the last 28 years she has become a wealth of knowledge in this area and focuses on the importance of culturing and sprouting along with food combining to support you to be your most vibrant self. As a vibrant living soul, she is passionate about teaching and sharing this knowledge with others so they too might live as their most highest self. Johanna is our head chef and holistic nutritionist. She teaches two nutrition workshops during the academy as well.

Derek Hendricks

Mentors heart centered & spiritual entrepreneurs who want to create a purpose driven business and living brand. He is an expert at taking entrepreneurs to their greatest levels of success. He’s closed over 60 million dollars in business and has created multiple millionaires.

With 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience and extensive study with people like Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, T Harv Ecker, Bob Proctor, Lisa Nichols, Pamela Brunner, Mande White, Sean Smith and Russell Brunson he has taken the wisdom from each of his influential teachers and compiled it in one place to serve you and your business.

Derek will be teaching his “Authentic Yes” sales system and helping students build and implement their first automated sales “Trust Funnel.” His in-depth and empowering 2 hr workshops are every Saturday. Each student will also receive one on one coaching with Derek.

Your Weekly Schedule

Monday- Friday

7-9am 2 Hr Vinyasa Practice

9am Organic Breakfast

9:30-11:30am Morning Lecture

12-1pm Organic Lunch

1:15- 2:15pm Afternoon Lecture

2:15- 2:30pm Break

2:30-4:30pm Afternoon Hatha or Alignment Clinics

5:30pm Organic Dinner

6:30pm Rest + Reflect



7:30-9am Pilates Mat or MyoFascial Release Workshop

9am Organic Breakfast

10-12:30pm Social Media Marketing + Website Building

12:30pm Organic Lunch

1:30-4pm Sales Training

5:30pm Organic Dinner


Complete day off to rest, study, and enjoy the beach

8-9am Organic Breakfast

12-1pm Organic Lunch

5:30-6:30pm Organic Dinner

Pilates Mat + Myofascial Release Workshops

Every Saturday morning enjoy in-depth 90 mins Pilates Mat and Myofascial Release workshops designed to take your personal practice and teaching to the next level. These 6 hours count as part of your total elective hours. Amber shows you how to weave these two extremely powerful techniques into your yoga offerings.

Learn the 7 guiding Pilates principles and how you can easily apply them to enhance all of your favorite activities. Flow through Beginning-Advanced mat sequences with Amber and learn how to move from your center with proper alignment, ease and grace. Pilates is a rigorous and precise method created to uniformly balance and build long lean bodies.

Dive into the intricacies of Myofascial release with tennis balls and foam rollers. Amber teaches you how to roll out the most tense places in your deepest connective tissue from head to toe. By releasing the fascia and blasting through energy blockages we unlock a new level of mobility. This technique and skill set is invaluable for pain management, injury prevention, increasing mobility, and improving performance on every level. Imagine a full body deep tissue massage you can give yourself and teach your students how to do for themselves.

SUP Yoga & Pilates Intensive

Take all of your yoga and pilates skills to the gorgeous 85 degree ocean. In this 2.5 hour intensive you’ll flow through a dynamic pilates vinyasa fusion class on a stand up paddle board with Amber.

We launch from one of the most mesmerizing peaceful coves and paddle out along side little islands for class. Learn how to stroke with the paddle properly and safely with your core for speedy and efficient traveling. Amber leads and shows you how to enter the waves and read the water currents for the safest and most fun experience.

Practicing on a wiggling board adds a major stability challenge to your asana. Falling in the warm water is part of the fun and the many lessons we learn from the ocean. Take the tips and tricks you learn out on the water to apply to any of your class offerings once you graduate.

Stand up paddle board yoga is also the fastest growing trend in the yoga world. Knowing how to lead others through this fun experience is invaluable and allows you to stand out amongst the competition as a teacher.