Restorative Eco Chef Certification Program

Nov 6th – Dec 7th, 2018 in Koh Phangan, Thailand (FULL)

Jan 13th – Feb 14th, 2019 in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica (1 space)

Are you a chef or nutritionist eager to learn about the power of a plant based diet? Do you want to create healing cuisine that truly nourishes your clients? Perhaps you want to uplevel your kitchen skills to improve your personal health. Or maybe you want to nourish your family and friends with natures finest. Regardless of where you are right now in your evolution, holistic nutrition and chef skills are invaluable for healthy vibrant living.

Plant based cuisine is trending now, more than every before, because people are feeling the major shifts that occur when we treat our food as medicine. Vegan and raw vegan restaurants, workshops, catering, and retreats are coveted and sought after by celebrities, moms, athletes, and entrepreneurs alike. Everyone is waking up to the power of a plant based lifestyle.

We’ve designed a 30 day all inclusive immersion program that teaches you the skills and techniques required to create healing high vibrational cuisine. This training also sets you up with a strong business foundation to turn your passion into a thriving company.

Whether you want to produce retreats, cater events, or create online programs, this certification program offers all you need to make it happen. You’ll walk away with a beautiful modern website, plus marketing and sales methods to accelerate your growth. Our greatest intention is to empower you with the skills necessary to run your own company, maintain ultimate health, and make big impact on those you serve.

What’s Included

Hands On Kitchen Training

  • Weekly nutrition lectures
  • How to create a menu, set grocery orders
  • How to organize for large groups & events
  • Food consciousness & how to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Work with local, seasonal, organic produce
  • How to set up your kitchen & reduce food waste

Foundational Skills & Techniques

  • Soak, ferment and sprout nuts, seeds, legumes, & grains 
  • Food combining for vibration, nutrient density & taste
  • Sauerkrauts, kimchi and lacto-fermented veggies
  • Water kefir; how to make it and use it
  • Water kefir breads & yogurt
  • Vegan cultured cheeses

Additional Coaching, Workshops & Excursions

  • 6 Business Coaching Sessions with Amber Sears
  • 4 Sales Coaching Sessions with Derek Hendrick
  • 60 min Personal Nutrition & Integration Consultation with Johanna Thorn
  • 8 Hrs Group Sales Training with Derek Hendrick
  • Build, Design, & Launch Your Website with Amber Sears
  • Daily Morning Yoga Class with Tish Steenkamp (4 days per week)
  • 8 Hrs of Pilates Mat & Myofascial Release Workshops
  • 2 Hr SUP Yoga Workshop with Sears
  • 3 Organic Vegan Meals per day
  • Shared Dorm Room with Shared Bath
  • Ground Shuttle to and from the airport

Meet Your Teachers

Johanna Thorn

Author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book “Live Vibrantly! 10 Steps to Maintain Youthfulness, Increase Energy and Restore Your Health” is fiercely committed to guiding people in taking ownership of their health giving them freedom to live life beyond the ordinary; full of energy, free from fear of aging or disease. Her path to becoming a Restorative Eco Chef and Wellness Coach became clear after having restored her own health from one debilating health issue after another including an auto-immune disease.

Over the last 30 years she has become a wealth of knowledge in this area and focuses on the importance of culturing and sprouting along with food combining to support you to be your most vibrant self. As a vibrant living soul, she is passionate about teaching and sharing this knowledge with others so they too might live as their most highest self. Johanna is our head chef and holistic nutritionist.