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  • Grace > Grind

Grace is Greater Than Grind

Grace > Grind. This was of my biggest takeaways from Tony Robbins' Date with Destiny immersion this week. I’ve spent so much of my life in warrior mode. Building, creating, serving, and grinding hard to [...]

  • Dreams Do Come True

Dreams Do Come True If You Believe

Cherish your dreams and your visions. They are the children of your soul and the blueprints of your ultimate achievements. - Napoleon Hill My first trip out of the US as a teenager was to [...]

  • New Year, New Epic Self!

The Leap of Faith is Where Magic Happens

Take the leap of faith. Jump into the unknown mystery of life often. That’s where all the magic unfolds. THIS wisdom has guided my path for as long as I can remember. The most terrifying [...]

  • Guatamala Retreat Pure Magic

The Magic of my Shamanic Guatemala Retreat

Today I say farewell to breathtaking Guatemala and my incredible Root to Rise Guatemala Retreat group. It’s been magic! Lake Atitlan and our beautiful shamanic retreat center, Casa De Liberacion, set the foundation for a [...]

  • The Uncomfortable Growth Process

The Uncomfortable Process of Growth

This may be tough to hear, but it’s true... If you aren’t willing to be uncomfortable or face your fears, you won’t grow. Period. Whether you are trying to change your health habits, raise a [...]

  • Amber and JP, Pregnant Prep Update

Preparing to be Pregnant Update

For the last three months, JP Sears and I have been diligently adhering to a supplement, nutrition, and fitness plan. We want our bodies to be in their best conditions before we get pregnant. So, [...]

  • Control Your Mind, Control Your Life

Control Your Mind, Control Your Life

If you don’t have control over your mind, you don’t have control of your life. Read that again. Furthermore, if you can’t carve out at least an hour per day to take care of yourself [...]

  • Sacred Heart Shamanic Retreat

My Sacred Heart Shamanic Retreat Experience

It's finally here! The gorgeous video from my Sacred Heart Activation Retreat has arrived. This amazing shamanic retreat was an unforgettable adventure with amazing people from all over the globe. 17 amazing humans from all [...]

  • Conscious Marriage

Qualities Of A Conscious Relationship

What does a conscious relationship nowadays look and feel like to you? Love constantly evolves as we do. In our modern society, it can be so easy to disconnect from ourselves and from our relationships. [...]

  • Fighting Perfectionism

Fighting the Fear of Perfectionism

DONE is better than PERFECT This phrase has radically changed the way I do everything in life. As a recovering Type-A perfectionist, perfectionism was a fear I struggled to overcome. I used to get in [...]

  • Light Leader Academy

Light Leader Academy is here!

I’m beyond elated to share my Light Leader Academy—my newest and most power-packed business academy for health and wellness entrepreneurs with you. Light Leader Academy is a six-month online group business coaching program + 4-day [...]

  • Amber & JP Marriage

1st Year of Marriage and Counting!

One year ago on June 2nd, we embarked on the journey of a lifetime. To weave our lives, to deepen our love, to grow, and to create our dreams together through marriage. It’s been an [...]

Work For Your Dreams

Your dreams won’t work unless you do. You cannot manifest your way to abundance and growth simply by putting it on a vision board or repeating a positive mantra. You cannot wish it to be [...]

  • Amber and Trees

Plant Trees & Save the Forest!

Plant more trees. Protect the ones we have left. Support and empower the indigenous people who have been protecting the forests for thousands of years. THERE IS NO TIME TO WAIT. Did you know half [...]

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