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  • Conscious Marriage

Qualities Of A Conscious Relationship

What does a conscious relationship nowadays look and feel like to you? Love constantly evolves as we do. In our modern society, it can be so easy to disconnect from ourselves and from our relationships. [...]

  • Fighting Perfectionism

Fighting the Fear of Perfectionism

DONE is better than PERFECT This phrase has radically changed the way I do everything in life. As a recovering Type-A perfectionist, perfectionism was a fear I struggled to overcome. I used to get in [...]

  • Light Leader Academy

Light Leader Academy is here!

I’m beyond elated to share my Light Leader Academy—my newest and most power-packed business academy for health and wellness entrepreneurs with you. Light Leader Academy is a six-month online group business coaching program + 4-day [...]

  • Amber & JP Marriage

1st Year of Marriage and Counting!

One year ago on June 2nd, we embarked on the journey of a lifetime. To weave our lives, to deepen our love, to grow, and to create our dreams together through marriage. It’s been an [...]

Work For Your Dreams

Your dreams won’t work unless you do. You cannot manifest your way to abundance and growth simply by putting it on a vision board or repeating a positive mantra. You cannot wish it to be [...]

  • Amber and Trees

Plant Trees & Save the Forest!

Plant more trees. Protect the ones we have left. Support and empower the indigenous people who have been protecting the forests for thousands of years. THERE IS NO TIME TO WAIT. Did you know half [...]

  • Learn to Prioritize

How To Prioritize What Matters To You

Learning how to prioritize the daily tasks we have to juggle can be a real challenge. I've recently received a lot of questions about how I design and prioritize my day. People ask about my [...]

Out with the Old, In with the New!

I'm super excited to share a powerful piece of my journey and announce some exciting news. It's out with the old and in with the new! My heart is overflowing right now! I just wrapped [...]

  • Say No

Learn to Say No and Set Boundaries

Setting clear boundaries for yourself and others is key. That's why you must learn early on to say NO. When you say no to what is no longer serving you now, a million more doors [...]

  • Evolve

Evolve Into Your Most Epic Self

You are being presented with two choices: to EVOLVE or to REPEAT Which one are you consciously choosing daily? What patterns are you repeating that you definitely know are no longer serving you and your [...]

  • New Year, New Epic Self!

New Year, New You, New Epic Self!

New Year 2018 is coming to a close, and that means it's time for a new year, a new you, and a new EpicSelf! I am celebrating the holidays with my growing family in our new [...]

  • The Cure to Entitlement and Ungratefulness

The Cure to Entitlement and Ungratefulness

Entitlement and ungratefulness are diseases of the mind that have infected our modern day society at large. Being born in a 1st world country where everything is available and people are programmed to consume breeds [...]

  • Cost of Success

The Cost of Success

People talk about pursuing their dreams, but few know the high cost of success, and even fewer are willing to pay it. Dreams are free, but success comes with the high taxes of doubt and [...]

  • Embody Your Ethics; Growth

Embody Your Ethics

Walk your talk. Embody your values, ethics, and mission. If you... Aren't willing to do the inner work required to transcend your own bullshit Are not willing to be a student of life Think you know [...]

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