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Vegan Mexican Fiesta Bowl

Mexican cuisine is widely popular in the US. On every corner of most of the cities you can find a taqueria. However Mexican traditional food [...]

Magical Banana Ice Cream

Sweet Treat What is your best food memory from childhood? Mine is ice cream. I remember summertime and going to the river with my family. [...]

Kale Salad Sushi Burritos

Have you ever tried sushi and burritos? I am sure you have. Have you ever tried raw vegan Sushi Burrito? If you haven't, it is [...]

Salt & Vinegar Kale Chips

I've never really been a chip person. Some people are always scooping up a bag of chips at the grocery store. Maybe they are the [...]

Raw Superfood Tabouli

  Tabbouli used to be my go-to vegan Middle Eastern dish, aside from Hummus of course. That was until I went gluten-free. Since then I've been [...]

  • raw vegan pancakes

Banana Mango Pancakes

Sunday = Pancakes. At least that’s how it is was in my family when I was growing up. Waking up to the smell of pancakes [...]

Divine Raw Vegan Tacos

Today was so much fun! I got to recreate authentic classic vegan tacos; one of my favorite cooked foods. Is it one of yours too? [...]