Hey there! Welcome to my virtual playground. I’m Amber Sears, an international pilates and yoga teacher, holistic nutritionist, former professional dancer and business coach. I’m a sun worshipping environmentalist, and planet romping entreprenuer, who is here on a BIG mission to help empower and support you on your journey of creating your most epic life possible. I’m so happy you are here and we can connect!

What is epic self?

Physical, emotional and spiritual balance and happiness infused with full throttle authentic being. It means sculpting the lifestyle of your dreams by doing and being the person you are meant to be. By moving, nourishing and being the highest version of yourself. The exciting part is you decide. You are the choreographer of your life. You get to create and define what your most epic self is.

Whether you know it or not, you have passion and purpose. You are beautiful and loved. You were meant for so much more then you realize. Your potential is limitless and exponential. Your dreams matter and living on purpose in alignment with your heart and institution is your birth right. By learning to let go of whats no longer serving you mentally, emotionally, and physically you’ll learn to trust your inner wisdom and rise up to walk your unique path with confidence.

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How can you create your most epic self?

By exploring and following what resonates with your heart. By training and uniting your mind, body and spirit. By realizing you, only you, have the power to change your life forever. What if you could experience your true potential body, mind and spirit daily? I’m here to empower and give you the tools necessary for radical personal and professional growth.

My passion is helping others sculpt their most epic lifestyle and build businesses that serve others. My three branch approach with clients and students stem from the philosophy that mind, body and spirit are connected and equally significant in moment to moment health and ultimate longevity. Browse my 800+ wellness articles and videos by exploring my blog. Soak it all in!

My backstory…

After a rigorous upbringing in the highly competitive dance world for 20 years, college graduation, comprehensive pilates certification, yoga teacher training, nutrition certification and MANY epiphanies, I did the unthinkable. Nine years ago I launched a location independent lifestyle, sold everything, professionally blogged, danced, and taught my way around the wonderful land of Australia.

After rooting back state side, but wanting to share the power of transformation through health, fitness and travel, I put all of my efforts into producing all inclusive weekend, 7 day retreats¬†and teacher training programs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Mexico, Bali and Costa Rica. All while building a global online client base of movers and shakers eager to “be the change” in the world.

San Francisco was my home base for 8 years, where I created a few digital products, studied with leading health, dance, pilates, and yoga experts, and stayed on top of the latest technology trends. My schedule was packed to the brim teaching private clients, workshops, and retreats alongside my dance career. It was exhausting to say the least and I needed more balance in my life. So, I decided to make a radical move to Central America.

Five years ago I relocated my base to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica to open a wellness center, live the lifestyle of my dreams, and produce life changing experiences for others. Teaching pilates, yoga, holistic plant based nutrition, and business online allows me the freedom to travel and teach what I love anytime anywhere.

Within the first few months of my journey in Costa Rica I had the pleasure of sitting in my first sacred plant medicine ceremony. I experienced quantum healing and a powerful spiritual awakening that would forever change my life and business moving forward.

Since then I have worked extensively with sacred plant medicine and shamanic communities in Costa Rica, Peru, and Guatemala. I weave these ancient traditions into the vast majority of my retreats and trainings due to its potent ability to heal and shift people forever.