Strengthening the vital muscle groups of the back, chest, shoulders and arms is incredibly important for posture and well, pretty much a ton of daily activity. Free weights are the normal weapon of choice on a weak upper body, but there’s nothing like the good ole’ pushup for building and toning all the key muscle groups at the same time. I know, I know… everybody hates pushups! Performing a set of pushups in perfect form is definitely not easy the first time you try, but all it takes is practice. Why not save time, while sculpting the sexiest back and arms?
push up
One of the most common complaints I hear in the gym and Pilates studio is from woman who claim they just don’t have upper body strength and therefore forgo exercises like pushups, planks and the like. I think a lot of woman assume that because men are genetically built with more upper body muscle that they as woman just can’t do it. What kills me is that if you peer around any gym what do you see the majority of guys doing? Working their upper body! Woman on the other hand tend to do a lot of cardio, tons of leg work, abs, and then a short series of free weights to tone the arms. Women can absolutely sculpt strong upper bodies (and without the bulk!).

So you’re probably wondering what’s my point? Well I recently discovered this awesome tool for refining any type of pushup. Introducing the Perfect Pushup! This pair of swiveling handles allows your arms to rotate naturally when doing a pushup much like they would if you were lifting weights or throwing a punch. The rotation capability targets and accelerates results by engaging more muscles in the upper body in less time. Working with instability like these sliding discs challenges and helps to stabilize the shoulder joint, much like a wobble board challenges the core. I really like the fact that the handles are better ergonomically then the traditional push up on the floor, taking strain off the wrists and elbows.
perfect push up
I gave the Perfect Pushup set to my boyfriend for his birthday last year and he was hooked immediately. Obviously I had to try them! I now use these at least once a week on top of other Pilates upper body work. They really allow you to isolate and feel all the muscles you need to be working. Interested? Here’s all the info you need.