Support For My Incredible Blogger Friends

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Support For My Incredible Blogger Friends

Ever wonder where I get my inspiration and motivation? I’ll tell you my secret. I read lots of other wonderful self improvement blogs. Here are some of my favorite articles written by the best in biz.
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Thrilling Heroics:�Cody is quickly becoming one of my favorite bloggers. Advocating complete lifestyle design reminiscent of Tim Ferris and his 4-Hour Work Week, Cody’s witty voice mixed with outstanding tips and links for transforming your life and business are not to be missed. A true pioneer who’s generosity to his readers is blatantly clear. One of his most recent posts offered so much wonderful advice I was blown away…Hard Work, a Federal CIO, Travel Ninjas, and the Girl Effect.

Motivate Thyself: Eric writes insightful and in-depth articles on everything from positivity to productivity. Weaving stories with self awareness advice is his forte. Here is one of his latest articles that really hit home for me…How To Be Happy.

Zen To Fitness: Chris has a brillantly (def not a word, but whatever) clear and simple blog on all things fitness and nutrition related. I love the clarity of his voice. I loved this post…Developing An Explosive Workout.

Rebel Zen: Seamus and Steve are hilarious! They turn simple enlightenment, life revamping articles into fun and entertaining reads. Coupling movie quotes and clips to enlightenment…very creative. This one had me laughing outloud…Why Being A Zen Master Would Be The Coolest Job Ever.

Home Maker Barbi: Danelle covers just about all you’ll ever need to know about running your home, saving money, and loving life. As a mom herself, she’s the perfect read for any superwoman running a household. Speaking of frugal living this post takes the cake. Recession Proofing.

Plugin ID: Glen writes way beyond his years. He writes some of the most thought provoking self awareness articles I’ve found. He also revamped Epicself recently…doesn’t it look gorgeous?! This is one of my favorites from him… You Are Enough.

There are so many more I’d love to highlight so stay tuned for more. Hope you can check these great writers out and support them as much as I do.
Happy Wednesday!

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