Are you keeping up with the world? Living in a completely wired city like San Francisco has me checking my iphone and computer first thing in the morning. And while I have to check in and make sure all my appointments with clients are set, the last thing I want to do is jump into the roaring rapids of information overload. The net moves so quickly it has most of this city strung out on coffee and other stimulants to keep up. A slippery slope into adrenal fatigue, poor sleep and ultimate burnout.
Rightfully so, the number one question from all my clients is how to increase energy and eliminate slumps throughout the day. They want to create, play, and enjoy life to the max. I can’t blame them. Life is awesome! But, what goes up must come down.

The key is balanced energy, not everest peaks and unbearable slumps.
Proper nutrition, mindful movement, meditation and other forms of stress relief exercises are my balancing tools. Each component equally important and easy to fit into busy days. And though I’m sure you’d like me to say a Red Bull is the quickest way to regain your energy, I hope you know me better than that by now. Breath power is the simplest, healthiest and quickest way to recharge. Plus, it’s free!
Below I offer up a quick 3 minute energy boosting routine that utilizes breath, awareness and core muscle activation to bring new life into your day. It’s a sample of the video package I am building focused on breath, posture and six pack abs. The gorgeous and vibrant Lisa Byrne from interviewed me in this expert clip for busy moms. Follow along!

Are you more energized, calm and grounded? If you loved this technique please spread to your busy bee friends who could use a breath break.

Now that you are more energized and aware, remember the yummy Super Food Super Bowl Munchies I posted? Well, head over to a wonderful blog post highlighting the raw food potluck I attended on Super Bowl Sunday. Pictures and recipes abound. Thanks for the detailed follow up and your endless passion Raederlee!
Next up: I have to fill you in on the fun that went down at last weekend’s Alive SF party! The pictures and video turned out fantastic. Posting next week, I promise.
Well, I am off on another adventure this holiday weekend to the gorgeous state of Arizona! I am elated to see beautiful Sedona and Patagonia. Road tripping to the max.

I’ll be visiting several wellness and rejuvenation centers sprinkled throughout the red rock plains to plant some retreat seeds for this year and beyond. The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, directed by the fabulous Dr. Gabriel Cousins, tops my list. For several decades, Dr. Cousins has been reversing diabetes and cancer with his plant based nutrition programs. The Tree of Life was showcased in Raw For 30 Days documentary, which follows 6 people as they reverse their “irreversible” diabetes completely.
Looking forward to learning a ton this weekend.
I’m keeping my eyes peeled for sandy rock platforms for pilates and yoga videos. Any suggestions? Okay enough blabbing. Happy Friday!