Daily Rituals To Feel Like A Queen

Jeweled crowns and exquisite robes are what come to mind when we think of a queen, but the real queens in life are women who carry themselves with confidence, radiate charm, and share their heart of gold with the world.  Have you ever passed a woman like that on the street? One that makes you think, “wow, that woman is doing something right in her life—she looks amazing!”

Embodying our most confident, radiant self is akin to a queen’s relationship with her castle. In other words, how you relate to and nourish your body, mind, and heart. To live a royal and rich life, bring these daily rituals into your routine to feel like a queen too!

Think like a queen

Honor yourself with your thoughts and bejewel your brain with positivity. Take time to consciously observe your internal dialogue so that you can rewrite negative self-talk into positive and productive thoughts.

I love and accept my body.”

I am capable of achieving my goals.”

I am beautiful.”

I find positive solutions to difficult challenges.”

“It feels good to nourish my body.”

When you shift your internal dialogue into one that is affirming, compassionate, and encouraging, you’ll experience the ripple effect of a positive attitude in all areas of your life. You may even start seeing empty glasses as half full!

Nourish like a queen

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Start your daily ritual by drinking 16 oz. of water when you wake up. Fill your diet with fruits and vegetables that will hydrate your cells such as cucumbers, watermelon, celery, green peppers, melons, and citrus. Cleanse your body with a green smoothie for a morning burst of energy. The key to feeling like a queen is taking a royal attitude toward hydration and what you choose feed your body.

Bathe like a queen:

Move over face wash! Bathe yourself like a queen and cleanse your face with oil. Washing your face with oil protects your skin from bacteria that can cause inflammation, blackheads, and zits while also feeding your cells what they need in order for your face to glow like a queen.

Jojoba oil is a wonderful oil to use, as it is rich in lipids and peptides (read: delicious food for your skin!). It is also highly antioxidant, containing natural vitamin E which leaves your skin silky smooth just as nature intended.

To wash your face with oil, all you need to do is get a washcloth damp with warm water, squirt a bit of oil onto it, and massage it into your face. Et voila! You’re face will thank you with a glow fit for a queen.

Smell like a queen:

Creating a custom blend of essential oils to spritz or apply as perfume is a great way to incorporate the art of anointing into your daily ritual to feel like a queen. Choose scents that remind you of  beautiful places, your favorite people, and unforgettable moments that stand out in your life. When we choose to perfume ourselves with oils that remind us of inspiring and exciting experiences, we can tap into the emotional energy of those memories and bring them into the present moment.

Give like a queen

Share your laughter, listen to a stranger’s story, make a kind gesture, and let your eyes twinkle with a smile. Give an honest compliment to someone at least once a day and make it a habit to invest in others through the gift of your time, talents, and respect.  Sharing your love and experience through volunteering, mentoring, and charity cultivates compassion, patience, and an attitude of gratitude — key attributes to being a successful lady boss queen.

Sleep like a queen

You may have heard that it’s all about that bass, but really…it’s all about that beauty sleep. The benefits of a full night of rest have been touted as an elixir of youth since ancient times.

Optimize your sleep by turning off your cell phone and closing your laptop two to three hours before bed. The blue light that is emitted by household lights and electronics has been shown to have a greater affect on melatonin production than other wavelengths of light. When melatonin production is off kilter, the body’s circadian rhythms can shift and cause changes in our wakefulness.

Though our bodies are different, we share a common need for adequate, rejuvenating rest and it’s a wonderful gift to give yourself at the end of a busy day.

Be a queen

These are just a few daily rituals to help you feel like a queen. How do you give yourself the royal treatment? Let us know in the comments below!