Organic living plant foods are built from sunlight. When we eat them that radiating energy transfers into our energetic bodies, while the nutrients aid our physical bodies.

If you understand quantum physics, our chakra system, and believe that everything is vibrating energy, including you, this makes perfect sense.

Cooking food beyond 118 degrees kills this living energy and rearranges the molecular structure depleting the nutrient density. This has been proven time and time again in the scientific community, but don’t just take our word for it. You have to feel it to believe it!

Lani Weis and Ariane Labelle have been learning all about raw living and feeling the benefits of this vibrant way of being. They’ve been 100% raw vegan with me for the last two weeks and have two more to go. After a few days of detox symptoms they are on the other side and feeling awesome. Look at that raw glow!! I am so proud.

Today we are busy in the EpicSelf HQ kitchen making kimchi, dehydrated crispy onion rings, pizza crusts, flax crackers, freezing bananas, mangos, papayas for nicecreams, and hacking open ten coconuts to make coconut yogurt and kefir.

Fermented foods are a huge key to a fully raw lifestyle. Maintaining a balanced gut micro biome is critical to stabilizing your hormones and moods. Eating friendly bacteria that helps you absorb your nutrients and keep candida in check is the remedy for many digestive symptoms and issues.

To learn more about our inner ecosystems I highly recommend Donna Gates book “The Body Ecology Diet.”

Do you make your own fermented foods? What are your favorites?!