A key aspect of my time at the EpicSelf Compound this month is working towards launching my business.


Yes, that’s huge. I know!


Every day we get hands on training through the EpicSelf platforms, have one-on-one website and sales training. It’s a lot of work: not only is it time consuming buts its emotional and mentally taxing. Yet the payoff is HUGE! I think everyone talks about why launching a business is scary, but I want to talk more about how it is empowering.


Here’s why launching a business is NOT scary:


1.I am my truest self
When I started this process I had in mind what I thought I wanted to do and then got real honest with what I actually wanted to do. This was such a freeing conversation and it’s the first conversation I had with myself where I was this clear about my career path in a really, really long time. What if we all had these conversations daily? Our collective work would be so impactful.


2. Have mentors
I say it all the time but building your tribe is one of the most important things to do. If it hadn’t been for my tribe, I would have never found the mentors I am working under with this month. They push me to grow and to learn, and that comes with some failure. But they never say negative words to me. In fact they hold sacred and safe space for me to fail with grace and give me the tools I need to not continuing to fail.


3.You get to spend your time how you want to
I’ve had several jobs where I worked on things I didn’t want to. I was creating someone else’s vision. And yes, supporting visions and organizations doing great work is so important. But, in this process, I am building my vision which means I get to spend my time how I want. My work isn’t really work anymore. It is a time to get creative, think objectively, and create beauty. 


4. You feel EPIC
Beyonce is Queen of Epic. She radiates confidence, beauty, and a get it done attitude and provides a product of value. I have been channeling my inner Queen Bey and have been saying “slay” to myself a ton in this process. If Beyonce can do it, so can I. It feels so good too!


5. Structure
Launching a business means you need to be on top of your game. The only way you are going survive the grind is if you have some structure in place that works for you. Getting up early and writing works better for me than pushing it off and writing at 10 pm. Creating a schedule to ensure that gets done by 7 am is structure and that is everything.


I’d love to talk to you more about how launching a business is an empowering experience.