Do you exercise when you travel? Is fitness the first thing you drop, or a grounding ritual when away from home? Now, more than ever before, the world is flat. We have the freedom to jet set to far reaches of the Earth, but often forget to take care of ourselves in the process. Minimalist fitness like pilates, yoga, and simple body weight training requires no heavy machinery or toys and yields far superior results and full body conditioning.

As you know by now I live for globe trotting. My gypsy ways can definitely take a toll on my energy, posture, flexibility and overall conditioning. If I don’t “get the cobwebs out” and keep up with my pilates/yoga routine daily I can literally feel my joints and spine compress. The muscles constrict and make it that much more aggravating and painful when I hop back into practice. I miss the mindful bliss as well.
I recently hopped away for a weekend to sunny, vibrant Venice Beach. 80 degree weather during mid January! Two words…global warming… It was an incredible day on the roof top deck of the hotel overlooking the Venice boardwalk. In prep for my soon to be released video series: Breath, Posture and A Six Pack, I warmed up with this pilates flow. Listen to my breath and see if you can fill your movement with your breath. An inhale or exhale for each movement.
What did you feel? Were you able to connect and coordinate your breath with your movement? Let me know what you think and feel free to ask specific questions. I’m here for you!
Take this series with you the next time you’re away from home or even better schedule a virtual pilates private with me to work on your specific body’s needs. You can always easily schedule with me by accessing my calendar.
P.S May 2nd I fly out to tour Europe and will be video blogging every day. I’ll prove to you how easy it is to stay fit and healthy even while backpacking. Eating raw as well!