Your dreams won’t work unless you do.

You cannot manifest your way to abundance and growth simply by putting it on a vision board or repeating a positive mantra.

You cannot wish it to be so, meditate on it, and have it magically appear.

Building your dream lifestyle and business requires decisive action and commitment to see it through.

It requires you to show up fully, focus your energy, and complete the tasks that you start with conviction.

It demands perseverance, trust, and courage.

Your dreams won’t become a reality unless you put both feet in and start believing in yourself.

Dipping one toe into the pool of possibility and expecting the rest to happen out of thin air won’t work. It’s very short-sighted.

The universe becomes confused with your energy spread in a thousand directions. It doesn’t know what you clearly want with those uncertain actions and haywire beliefs.

Your unique voice, gifts, and purpose matter to our world and our future.

But they will remain unknown to us all unless you act in accordance with them.

I know it takes time to build your self-trust and confidence. I know it requires you to face your fears. But the only way out is through.

The language of action tells the universe that you mean what you think, say and write. That you are willing to do what it takes to make your dreams real.

Following through with your commitments is called integrity. And your success in business and in life requires integrity.

So, if you find yourself wondering why things aren’t working out in your favor, or why people aren’t showing up for you and following through… ask yourself how committed you are to your personal and professional commitments.

Do you cancel your scheduled appointments often? Do you struggle to finish your projects? Are you too hesitant to invest in yourself? Do you procrastinate and prioritize things that don’t truly matter to you?

Then it’s time to flip the script. You are worthy and deserving of the life of your dreams. All you have to do is show up, decide, and act in alignment with your heart.

I know it’s easier said than done. But excuses are useless, and complaining is a complete waste of your power.

You CAN. Now is your time. Jump into the deep end.


Much Love & Pura Vida!

Amber Sears