Empowering women is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. I decided to start my company, Fierce Clarity, to provide a space for women to connect and empower themselves. It is difficult to be a woman in today’s world. Society tells us how to dress, how to express ourselves, and dictates which behaviors are appropriate. We have pressures from home, work, and in relationships. It is a struggle to keep everything in balance and find a way to empower yourself.

As women we are always putting on a brave face and being strong. While that is okay, it is also important for us to be vulnerable and honest with ourselves. We take a beating from both the outside world and our harsh inner critics. Consciously and subconsciously we strive for perfection and when we typically begin negative self-talk. This negative self-talk coupled with comparing ourselves to society’s standard of beauty can erode our confidence over time. It is important to be truthful with ourselves and recognize when we are in need of a confidence or self-esteem boost.

Here are 5 Things You Can Do to Empower Yourself

1.Be Real

The first way to empower yourself is to get brutally honest with yourself. We can feel defeated by life and easily assume a victim role. However, the first way to reverse that mentality is to be honest with yourself about the cause of those feelings. Do you really dislike your job or do you not like how your boss speaks to you? Are you really ready to lose weight or are you too nervous to begin? Using a journal, therapist, or a trusted friend to air our truth lightens the load we carry and also allows us to see where changes are needed.

2. Make Self-Care A Priority

Self-Care. Self-Care. Self-Care! You must ingrain these two words into your heart because it is only from a place of fullness that we can serve. Too often we give all of ourselves to everyone else and we take what is left. Begin to identify practices that nourish your spirit and do them often. Perhaps your self-care is a long bubble bath, a monthly massage, heading to the beach or a weekly yoga class. Start to do things for yourself and you will begin to reclaim your power.

3. Say No To Toxicity

Detoxification applies to more than just what you feed your physical body. It is important to detoxify your mental and spiritual bodies as well. Try and remove toxic elements from your day. Turn off the news and hour before bed. Stay away from social media first thing in the morning. Don’t partake in office gossip during lunch. Making these small changes can boost your energy and leave you feeling good.

4. Invest in Yourself

Continuing education is a great thing. If you want to empower yourself, knowledge is a great vehicle. Books, online courses, retreats, and seminars are all a great way to keep yourself sharp. Our intuition knows exactly what we need. Next time you’re feeling stuck and disempowered head to your local book store and browse the business or self-help sections and you’ll find something your spirit needs to hear!

5. Add Movement Into Your Routine

The last way to empower yourself is to add movement into your routine. Nothing gets stagnant energy moving in your body quite like a workout. A brisk walk, a hike, or even a group fitness class can be just what you need to refocus your mind. Adding movement allows your body to begin to tone and you feel strong when your body is strong!

These are a few ways you can empower yourself whenever you feel like you need a boost! Which is your go to?